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By Susan G West

One of the best times I’ve ever had was making Halloween costumes for my children, nieces and nephews. Finding something that was both safe, easy to put on and take off and within our limited budget wasn’t all that easy to find.

The simplest and the safest toddler Halloween costumes or those suited for infants, should not interfere with their movement, their eyesight or their halting walk. They will invariably want to practice this on the steepest of steps leading to a home at which they trick or treat, or that party you permitted them to attend.

The ability to wear clothing under the costume is helpful when the climate is not so warm during this time of year, particularly if the costume will be worn over a jacket and additional clothing. Be certain that neither infant nor toddler Halloween costume impedes the movement of the children’s extremities; bunching or gather outfits will make it difficult to walk.


Toddler costumes which are purchased or made should be checked over completely to assure that safety comes first. This includes the review of masks as to not obstruct vision. Far better would be face painting, which in no way interferes with their ability to see what they are walking toward or what may be coming toward them. Flowing costumes which are lengthy should be inspected to be certain that they are not too long and will create hazards when walking or running. Wonderful new toddler Halloween costumes are available which include the use face paints rather than a mask.

Among some of the more inventive I’ve seen recently included a leopard, a dinosaur and a cheetah, which incorporated two piece costumes, with face painting, that allowed for ease of use when the little one invariably had to shed the costume to use the bathroom, or found it necessary to readjust clothing beneath it.

Infant Halloween costumes should have no small parts which may come loose and placed in a child’s mouth while you aren’t looking, nor should they have any type of heavy hood materials which might slip down over a child’s face while they are placed in the rear of a car in the car seat.

Both infant and Toddler Halloween costumes have become far safer than they once were. Materials used are normally flame retardant. Be certain that yours are, as it is difficult to be constantly aware that a child adheres to safety rules with regard to the candles placed in the jack o’ lanterns. Swap candles for glow sticks to be safe.

Toddler Halloween costumes and infant Halloween costumes should be fun and interesting, not a hazard which may take what is a night of magic and fun to something far less than that. With a bit of care and inspection of what your child is wearing, your Halloween will be safe and fun for you and your child.

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Halloween Costumes

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Modern Bathroom Vanities

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Modern Bathroom Vanities


Jamie Hanson

Decorating bathroom is an original, personal dream home movement that should originate from the heart and mind. In creating or remodeling your bathrooms, there is some stuff you need to do. You need make best use of the functionality of your bathroom at the same time make it a faultless part of your bath that would exude the stylishness of who you are. Ornamenting bathrooms with modern vanities would vary rendering to some factors like whose artistic predilection would be followed? Would you allow your central designer to have a free hand in designing your bathroom for you? Or will it be your individual touch that should stand out? Remodeling your bathroom with modern bathroom vanities by a professional bath designer, given an unguided, would definitely generate different aesthetic effects compared with the aesthetic effects brought about by the preference of a normal housing homeowner. If you have good budget, go for it. Although if you are into renovation or constructing the structural basis and rooms of your house, then it will be your privilege to layout the color, area, strategy and style of your bathroom space. Aesthetic preferences for modern vanity items would highly be contingent on the general theme of the house as quantified by the owner.

Modern bathroom design is simply tallying elegance, charm and your individual touch to your bathroom\’s functionality and look. With modern designed bathrooms, you need to fold all the ideas that will nurture the creativity in you. What is indispensable is having a perfect useful and aesthetic bathroom. First, you need to ensure that your bathroom should contain the following fixtures and modern bathroom vanities similar sinks, shower area with or deprived of a bath tub, adequate lighting fixtures, faucets, cabinets, countertops, wall mounted vanities like framed mirrors, between others. These modern vanity items are imperfect with the space billed for your bathroom. These incomes the wider the area, the more modern vanities you might put and lay-out. The style or material, individuality of your modern vanities will make the influence and atmosphere that reflects your lifestyle. If you wish to have long durable modern vanities that would last year after year, then you can try Wyndham Collection vanities that assertions of its durability and distinct designs. Second, you need to check the odd angles and corners of your bathroom that would match the modern vanity items that you would lay-out. Bathroom viewpoint may also be influenced by on the overall location of your house. Like for instance, wouldn\’t your bathroom design be sole and excellent if it is built inside a house located in an exclusive plush portion? Applied artistic design of a bathroom would be dissimilar if your house were situated on a prairie. Beautiful design will also be diverse if your residential area is located along a countryside area with dense mangroves and trees adjacent. Things would be different if your house is adjacent to a small river or tributary. Isn\’t it? Once more, your wanted contemporary bathroom vanity items will also vary rendering to the size of your house that allocates the bathroom area. Irrespective, whether your dwelling is small or big, or located within the heart of the city or located far out in the geography or forest, your bathroom will always be erected for the functionality expected of it. Today, as well the on its own designs of having only the traditional, modern, and antique classes, bathroom designs may have grew to what they call cross designs which are irritated sections or portions of the bathroom with a mixture of antique with modern; traditional with modern and modern with avant-garde designed bathrooms. Their values remain the same. But what is clear here is the artistic influence of any bathroom. Modern Bathroom Vanities

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Selection of right cleaning tools improves the result!


Rakesh Lal

MyCleaningStore launched recently by Rakesh Lal, is into providing quality wholesale janitorial products online and offline, as well with cost effective solutions and exceptional service for all the cleaning and maintenance supply needs. The services of MyCleaningStore are available in the Delhi NCR Region at present and in the process of expanding their online presence at pan India level.

The company offers wholesale cleaning supplies for commercial, residential, institutional and industrial customers. With thousands of products to choose from, and access to over 200 manufacturers, customers are certain to find the cleaning products they need 24/7 on the MyCleaningStore website. They supply professional wholesale janitorial supplies, household cleaning products, floor & carpet care chemicals & equipment, industrial & hospitality cleaning supplies and environmentally responsible green products.

We offer the widest selection of toilet tissue, trash bags, cleaning chemicals, vacuum cleaners, micro fiber, mops, office supplies, soap and hand sanitizers, floor pads, paper towels, janitorial & sanitary supplies at lowest prices online and offline as well. We supply the most well-known brands in the business such as, Nilfisk, Rubbermaid, Diversey / Sealed Air, Unger, 3M, Karcher, Kibble, Kimberly Clark, Sanitaire, Unger, Carlise and many more, Lal said.


MyCleaningStore offers over 140 products and has access to over 90 manufacturers, making it easy for users to find the products that best meet all their janitorial and maintenance needs.

The impact of the cleaning industry on the environment is tremendous.

Because we know the value of your time we ship order within 24 hours and customers can expect to receive their orders from one to three days. Currently, MyCleaningStore has a warehouse at Ghitorni, M.G. Road, Delhi. But, very soon we are going to open two warehouses at Noida, Gurgaon and are in the process to tie-up with leading suppliers from all over India, to make quick delivery right at the customers door step, Lal informed.

If you are a contractor or prefer to purchase in bulk, we offer free shipping on orders over Rs. 1,500 and bulk discount pricing for registered contractors. If you need household cleaning products and supplies, we have you covered with the names yhouve come to trust like Lizol, Harpic, Odonil, Colin, Domex, Dettol, Vim powder, Hit and Tide to name a few.

For the environmentally conscious, MyCleaningStore has a full line of environment-friendly green products. The impact of the cleaning industry on our planet is tremendous. The company has added some Neem and Lime based herbal products. They have also introduced few Spanish products for marble crystallization for which they dont need any chemical but only Water. These products can give 90% gloss to marble floors.

Our mission is to be valuable resource to our customers by providing quality products, competitive pricing and superior service with the utmost integrity. We provide leading edge solutions for maintaining your everyday facility needs and difficult challenges. Our entire staff is committed to providing our customers with the best possible quality products and services, said Lal elaborating the companys vision and mission..

About Mycleaningstore.inLaunched by Mr. Rakesh Lal (Founder of Classic Maintenance Services Pvt. Ltd.), is one of the largest online sellers for home/commercial cleaning products. The store aims at promoting Green cleaning by offering a complete range of eco-friendly products that would clean your premises and surfaces without any chemical effect. With utmost integrity, the company strives to provide excellent service at competitive pricing. Mission of is to be an important resource for the users when they need housekeeping products.Quality, reliability and continuous improvement of products and services are the main focused areas of the company that will always remain its growth fac

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byAlma Abell

Not many people get excited about calling a plumber. Usually, a disaster has to occur before one is thought of and that’s a shame when you think about it, but the plumber knows that it’s true. Plumbing is a good subject to ignore. How many times is your water heater, siting all alone in the corner of the basement, thought of unless the water is cold? Most leaks are also ignored unless the drip, drip, dripping becomes unbearable. This is why plumbers become plumbers. They love working with leaks, clogs, and drains. If not, the plumber in Murrieta would not come out to your home during an emergency.


When do most plumbing problems occur? Hot water heaters seem to have an uncanny ability to burst during the middle of the night or put out cold water when everyone is getting ready for work or school. Plumbers know they’ll get lots of calls after midnight when everyone else is asleep because this is when toilets clog or pipes in the basement give out and water is running all over the place. Many homeowners are also not sure where the shut-off valve to the water is located, but the plumber will know.

If you’re building a new home, calling a plumber is extra special since he will install all the plumbing, put in brand new sinks, bathtubs, toilets, water heaters, sparkling clean garbage disposals and beautiful faucets in gorgeous sinks. These are the types of jobs the plumber in Murrieta views as extra special because if anything happens and his customer has asked him to maintain the household plumbing every year, he is set to repair everything. Plumbing companies also have discounts running at all times where the customer can save money on various plumbing needs from week to week.

The companies also have ‘contact us’ buttons on their websites that makes it very easy to get in touch with them for estimates of jobs needing completed at your home or place of business. Customers can also just call for an appointment. You’ll find plumbers work with highly efficient name brand manufacturers, such as Moen, Kohler, American Standard, Rheem, Delta and others. All of them have gorgeous plumbing fixtures at very affordable prices. Give a plumber a call today and have that leaky water tank repaired at an extremely affordable price. For more details Visit Us.

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Property Kitchen on a Spending Plan And Repair!


Dana Perez

Enhancing a home might be a trying point to do with the ideal of budget plans. The reality that you do not occur to feature big bunches of money existing around nevertheless should not avoid you from offering a beautiful kitchen to call your very own. Nevertheless, the heart of any home and you want this room to be one that requests each person to come, gather, and pitch in (one can consistently daydream right?). This is the explanation that you want it to shine most of all other areas in your house even though. It needs to radiate heat and home to all who get in.

Honestly speaking there are many factors you can do in your kitchen that is going to significantly impact the total look of it without modifying everything structurally inside. If you have background, eliminate it and try coating. Certainly there are all form of great factors you can do in the kitchen area from plaster, which in turn goes incredibly well, to faux finishes and textures, and glazes for added impact. The wall surfaces on it are your canvass and the planet is at your disposal. Just remember to try to tie the wall surfaces into the floorings and lockers or at the very least to the floors and cabinets you hope to have in your kitchen one day.

In addition to painting the wall structures you may also desire to take into consideration painting, staining, or antiquing your cupboards. I understand that some jaws just dropped to the keyboard. How dare I recommend such a thing as painting wooden cabinets? The response is simple really. It is so much cheaper than replacing them and much simpler than staining them. Really it boils down to a concern of selection. My first choice wouldn\’t be painting but then again, there are times when painting is a feasible alternative. It is going to considerably change the overall appeal of the area if nothing else.


Moving right along, one more great change that isn\’t extremely pricey to make the place is hardware. The simple act of changing the door handles and drawer pulls on your closet can result in a nearly immediate face lift. When these changes are integrated with coated or stained cabinetry the impacts are nothing short of stunning in many cases. It\’s the little things that often have the greatest impact so keep this in mind when planning your changes.

The floors are one more rather economical modification that can be made despite preconceptions. Always remember that you do not have to go top of the line in order to delight in huge changes in the look of your grounds. Generally there are laminate floors that are rather inexpensive to mount as well as many forms of peel and stick tile that can bring about excellent final results for hardly any effort and without professional skills. Any floorings that you are capable of mounting yourself will save a bunch of cash and can make a substantial difference in the appearance and your fulfillment the location.

Possibly the greatest coup of all when it comes to changing the look of it is the ability to apply stainless steel PVC contact paper to your kitchen appliances in order to offer them the flash appearance of stainless steel. This is a very economical method for updating the general appeal of the area in a matter of minutes and at an expense less than that of replacing one appliance. For your counter tops an affordable and terribly disruptive substitute to changing them all together is to administer peel and stick tile over your existing counter leadings.

As you can observe certainly there are lots of ways in whichever you can strengthen and enhance the warmth and coziness that you want it to communicate without ruining the piggy bank in the process. More prominently, you need to keep in mind that taking on one venture at a time enables you to make the adjustments in your own time and as financial resources permit.

Author is an interior design and truly loves renovating the most important part of houses, the bathroom and kitchen. These areas will surely get more elegant and clean by mounting

kitchen splashbacks

and shower screens. She also loves the elegant of having

glass splashbacks

and a frameless shower screen.

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Spring is about more than just spring cleaning and enjoying the crocus, it is the perfect time to have a plumber come to your home to conduct a thorough inspection inside your home and outside as well.

Winter can be hard on a home’s plumbing and result in issues that you might not have noticed yet. While a small leak may not yet be a major headache, it could quickly progress to one. In the meantime it is wasting water and potentially inviting nasty things like insects, rodents, mold and mildew into your home.


Here are some of the things that Plumbers in Pikesville will perform as part of a spring checklist:

Kitchen – Inspection will be made of sink water lines and drains and advise if any gaskets need to be replaced. They will also inspect water line to ice maker for any leaks. If there is a garbage disposal and/or dishwasher they will be checked to be sure functioning correctly with no leaks in supply lines or drains.

Bathrooms – All sinks will be checked both for lines in and drains. Tubs and showers will also be inspected in the same manner. Toilet tank parts and seal will be inspected to be sure operating efficiently. The plumber may suggest a new toilet if yours is not one of the newer high-efficiency ones as this can save you on water costs.

Outdoors – Septic lines will be checked to be sure winter temperatures nor tree roots have hampered them in any way. All hose bibbs and hoses will be checked to be sure none are leaking. Even a small amount of standing water will be utilized by mosquitoes.

Water Heater – When the water heater fails it is quite a mess, so a spring inspection is a must. The Plumbing Pikesville customer will be advised if the water heater is due to be flushed, or perhaps even replaced. A more efficient unit not only saves utility costs but safeguards against a huge flood in the future.

A plumbing inspection serves two purposes, it gives the homeowner peace of mind that a middle-of-the-night plumbing issue may have been forestalled and it may also help with upgrading old inefficient systems thus saving money. Don’t worry if you’ve missed spring though because anytime is better than not at all.

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By Hongping Pan

Tips on How to Fix Toilet Water Tank Problem Effectively:

Are you confusing on how to fix the toilet water tank while it has problem? The following article will help you from A to Z:

To compare with a clogged toilet, water tank troubles can seem relatively insignificant. Yet strange noises or continuous water leaking can be more than annoying. They can also be costing you money in wasting water quickly. Fortunately, you can solve most water tanks’ troubles quickly and easily by yourself.

Toilet water tank troubles are both common and annoying, and they could be costing you money in wasted water. Most problems, however, can be eliminated quickly and easily. This is a cross section of a typical toilet tank and its components.

Once you know how the toilet water tank works, you can start to look for the source of toilet tank problems. Lift the lid off your toilet water tank, and you should be able to follow this procedure quite easily.

When you trip the handle on the tank to flush a toilet, a trip lever is raised inside the tank. This lever lifts wires, which, in turn, raise the tank ball or rubber flap at the bottom of the tank. When the flush valve opening is clear, the water in the tank rushes out past the raised tank ball and into the toilet bowl below. This raises the level of water in the bowl above the level of water in the toilet trap.

While the water is rushing out of the tank, the float ball, which floats on top of the water in the tank, drops down. This pulls down on the float arm, raising the valve plunger in the ballcock assembly and allowing fresh water to flow into the water tank. Since water seeks its own level, the water from the tank pushes the bowl water out into the drain, causing a siphoning action that cleans everything out of the bowl. When all the water is gone from the toilet bowl and air is drawn into the trap, the siphoning stops. Meanwhile, the tank ball falls back into place, closing the flush valve opening.

Xiamen BQM Sanitary Ware Technology Inc. (Professional toilet water tank fittings designer and manufacturer.)


As the water level rises in the water tank, the float ball rises until the float arm is high enough to lower the valve plunger in the ballcock assembly and shut off the incoming water. If the water fails to shut off there is an overflow tube that carries excess water down into the bowl to prevent the tank from overflowing. If water flows continuously out of the tank to the bowl and down the drain:

Step No.1: Lift up on the float arm. If the water stops, you know the problem is that the float ball doesn’t rise far enough to lower the valve plunger in the ballcock assembly. One reason could be that the float ball is rubbing against the side of the tank. If this is the case, bend the float arm slightly to move the ball away from the tank side.

If your water tank runs continuously, check the guide and lift wire that raises and lowers the tank ball to be sure they are aligned properly.

Step No.2: If the ball doesn’t touch the tank, continue to hold the float arm and remove the ball from the end of the arm by turning it counterclockwise. Then shake the ball to see if there’s water inside it, as the weight of the water inside could be preventing the ball from rising normally. If there is water in the ball, shake it out and put the ball back on the float arm. If the ball is damaged or corroded, replace it with a new one. If there is no water in the ball, put the ball back on and gently bend the float rod down to lower the level the float ball must reach to shut off the flow of fresh water into the tank.

Step NO. 3: If the above steps don’t solve the problem, check the water tank ball at the flush valve seat. Chemical residue from the water can prevent this ball from seating properly, or the ball itself may have decayed. Water will seep through the flush valve opening into the toilet bowl below. Turn off the water at the toilet shutoff valve and flush the toilet to empty the tank. You can now examine the tank ball for signs of wear and examine the tank ball for signs of wear and install a new ball if necessary. If the problem is chemical residue on the lip of the flush valve opening, take some wet-dry emery cloth, steel wool, or even a knife and clean away the debris.

Step NO.4: If the excess water still flows through the toilet water tank, the guide or the lift wire that raises and lowers the water tank ball may be out of the line or bent. Make sure the guide is in place so that the wire is directly above the flush valve opening. Rotate the guide until the tank ball falls straight down into the opening. If a lift wire is bent, try to bend it back to the correct position, or install a new one. Make sure the trip lever rod is not rubbing against anything and the lift wire is not installed in the wrong hole of the rod; either situation could cause the tank ball to fall at an angle and not block the opening as it should.

If neither the float ball not the tank ball is at fault, then the problem must be in the ballcock assembly.

Hope the above article would be helpful for you on solving the problems of your toilet water tank. If any other questions, please feel feel to send email to us. We will reply you with the detailed solution as soon as possible.

Edited by Xiamen BQM Sanitary Ware Technology Inc.


China BQM is located at the special economic zone & seaport city of Xiamen. We specialize in designing and manufacturing toilet water tank fittings such as fill & flush valve, push button, water-saving devices, and other related products. Thanks to the continuous development and innovation since establishment, we have already become a strong pioneer in the water-saving and energy-saving area.

All of our products are famous for elegant appearance, super quality, energy-saving and eco-friendly design. We are pursuing continuous innovation based on top quality standards. In management, we adopt the workable and reliable theory, such as 6-Sigma, JIT, TQC, and so on. In order to improve our management level, our management team firmly abides by the quality management system of ISO9001:2008 and actively perfects our quality assurance system. Our products have gained the international authority approvals of CSC (China), CUPC (America&Canada), WaterMark (Australia), PSB Test (Singapore), etc., which can be selected to meet most customers’ demands immediately. Besides the top quality assurance, we are very proud of our warm and considerate service as well. Our professional marketing teams always strive to have all-out efforts to satisfy different kinds of requirements from any customer.

As an enterprise with strong social responsibility, our company sticks to the principle of ‘Happy at work, Happy in life’. We want to have each employee to work with a happy and positive mind, ensuring that all of our products reach top quality standard by 100% before entering the market. Our goal in quality control is to have less than 1% complaint rate. We will consistently follow the operation concept of ‘Putting technology as the foundation, pursuing super water-saving technology; Putting sincerity first, and pursuing long-term and a win-win cooperation with each customer’.

We look forward to having deep cooperation with every friend and creating a prosperous future together!

Topic: Tips on How to Fix Toilet Water Tank Problem Effectively

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Toilet Bowl Rubber Gasket


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