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An Overview of Hunter Irrigation Heads

The significance of proper irrigation in maintaining vibrant, healthy landscapes hardly needs to be emphasized. While watering plants adequately and timely is crucial, it’s equally important to use high-quality and efficient irrigation systems to maximize water usage and ensure the longevity of your landscapes. One of the popular names that stand out in the arena of irrigation tools is Hunter Industries. More specifically, Hunter Irrigation Heads are widely acknowledged for their efficiency and durability.

Hunter Irrigation Heads are designed to address diverse watering requirements effectively. Made with precision and based on extensive research, these sprinkler heads offer optimal water pressure control and distribution, leading to less wastage and more effective irrigation. Additionally, Hunter Industries lays a major emphasis on making their products user-friendly. Therefore, installing and adjusting Hunter Irrigation Heads is a seamless task that homeowners can often handle with minimal professional help.

Types of Hunter Irrigation Heads

Hunter offers a wide array of irrigation heads suitable for various landscapes and watering needs. Their range includes Rotors, Spray heads, and Nozzles, each with their specific properties and benefits.

  • Rotors: Ideal for larger yards, rotors can cover a considerable distance, up to 40 feet. They provide slow, even watering, hence an excellent choice for sloping or hilly landscapes.
  • Spray heads: Spray heads are perfect for smaller areas because they can distribute water evenly within a fixed pattern. They cover distances from 5 to 15 feet.
  • Nozzles: Hunter irrigation nozzles come in a range of patterns and radii to perfectly match the needs of plant type, soil condition, and weather.

Standout Features of Hunter Irrigation Heads

Hunter Industries is known for its innovation and quality. Their irrigation heads are built on advanced technology aiming for efficient water use and lower operational costs. Key features of these heads include easy arc and radius adjustment, sturdier build to withstand harsh external conditions, and water-efficient designs to reduce water wastage and cost.

Another factor that makes Hunter Irrigation Heads a preferred choice is the availability of spare parts and ease of maintenance. The company offers a complete range of spare parts allowing for easy replacements whenever necessary.

Wrapping Up

Ensuring the health of your landscapes through efficient irrigation does not have to be a complicated task. Using reliable and high-quality equipment like Hunter Irrigation Heads can ease the process significantly. Regardless of the size of your garden or the type of landscape you have, you can find a Hunter product tailored to your watering needs.

While discussing the effectiveness of water distribution, one might also end up thinking about appropriate water filtration, especially if you are an aquarist. Amongst the multiple options in the market, hunters also explore aquarium filters for sale to ensure a healthy environment for their aquatic friends.

By Alexes Lebeau

Beautiful La Playa

Until European travelers noticed the charms of the beaches of La Playa Del Carmen, nothing much was going there. La Playa was the jump-off point for Cozumei. It was here that tourists went for great snorkeling adventures. With the discovery of the potentials of sites for grand diving in La Playa del Carmen, the little sleepy town stirred from its lethargy.

La Playa del Carmen in Mexico is known for its extensive

underwater caverns and breathtaking coral reefs, and stretches of white sand. It is called the Mayan Riviera for nothing. The beach village is ideal for family vacations and great diving. In La Playa Del Carmen, the rustic charm and bustling economy, make the area an interesting blend of the new and the old world.

Indeed, people talk about the thrill of diving in La Playa Del Carmen, the great food, and high standard accommodations; the festive fiesta ambience of Mexico and the relaxing atmosphere of the Caribbean give the village its distinctive charisma. The white sand beaches, swaying palms, and the lazy atmosphere provide respite from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

La Play is the ideal vacation spot for families. You can bring the kids to Mayan ruins in nearby Tulum. They will enjoy the tour and see the remains of ancient Mayan ruins. At eco-parks they can watch the big baby sea turtles, gape at hundreds of butterflies, orchids, and varied mushrooms in these ecology themed parks. As for the food, there is a culinary adventure awaiting the whole family.

Off to La Playa del Carmen

Before taking a plane to Cancun, bring a list of interesting sites for diving in La Playa del Carmen. If you are going for some real seabed adventure, you have to book in advance. Check out the sites offering packaged tours to La Playa del Carmen. Most likely you will be advised to visit the following interesting spots for snorkeling and diving

Check out the Sealife Divers, they will take you on snorkeling tours. You can go to Cenotes and dive into the depths where the underground caves are. The astounding sight of stalagmites underwater is worth the dive. Certified divers will lead you and other tourists along the labyrinths of caves.

In Maria La Gorda enjoy the coral formations. Here you will find a variety of interesting sea species – sea horses, and dolphins. In Pared Verde, enjoy close encounters with turtles and soft corals. The dive here though is only for experienced divers only. In Moc Che Deep, you watch your favorite lobsters and king crabs. In this reef, the sea turtles will even deign to dive along you.

If you have the guts, dive into the Barracuda reef and have the time of your life watching some unsuspecting barracudas. In Cerebros, take pleasure in the idyllic landscape of the deep. The diving depth is 45 feet and visibility is clear at 70 feet, which is just as well for underwater sightseeing.

Tortugas is a favorite diving site. Divers can go to a depth of 30 to 100 feet. The reef is abundant with corals and sponges. Since the terrain is flat, it is easy to watch the different

Take your Gear

Ready your diving and snorkeling gear for the diving in La Playa del Carmen. Enlist your wife and 13 old kid for pool training before the open sea dives. Give your family a great vacation experience but book months ahead to get great accommodation in the beach village. Your family will never forget the miles of white sand, the turquoise waters, and the haunting sunsets in La Playa del Carmen.

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byAlma Abell

If you have water settling in your yard, it’s essential that you call an expert that specializes in Drainage in Brick, NJ. You and your family can’t enjoy your yard if it’s always wet and this is most often the result of a drainage problem. Below you’ll discover some common questions about your residential drainage system.


Q.) Can a wet yard cause damage to my home?

A.) If your yard is constantly wet and the water has nowhere to drain, it’s quite possible that the moisture will eventually get into your basement and damage your foundation. Wet soil underneath your home expands causing the foundation to raise higher than it should be. In very dry months, the soil shrinks back down and the foundation sinks back down into the soil. Foundation damage can be expensive to repair, so it’s best to have your drainage problem fixed before this happens. Mold and mildew growth thrive in a damp basement and this fungus can cause allergies to flare up and you may have breathing problems. If you have any belongings stored in your basement, the dampness can ruin them and cause them to have a musty odor.

Q.) How will a drainage system keep the water out of my yard?

A.) The professionals that will fix your Drainage in Brick, NJ will dig out a trench that runs away from your home. A perforated pipe is placed down in the trench and small rocks or gravel is poured around the pipe. Under normal circumstances, this type of drainage system works efficiently for at least ten years. Most of the time, a sump pump is also installed to work with the drainage system, especially if there isn’t a huge slope from the house to the drain field. A clean out is normally installed to inspect or snake the drain in the event of a clogged pipe.

Before your drainage problem gets any worse, call Jersey Shore Lawn Sprinkler, Inc for a free estimate to fix your drainage problem. This company also provides lawn care service, water well drilling, pump installation, lawn irrigation, swimming pool repair and back flow testing.

Submitted by: John Schofield

Here are some tips on saving time and money with plants in containers and herbaceous borders:

Plants in containers

Removing dead flowers: Summer-flowering plants in hanging-baskets, window boxes, troughs and other containers can be brightened up quickly by using sharp scissors to snip off dead flowers. This extends their flowering period and prevents decaying flowers spreading infection to others.

Where daily watering is difficult: Add water-retaining materials to the compost when planting the container. Use moisture-retaining liners when planting a hanging-basket.


Easy watering: When watering hanging-baskets, or a large group of pots, tie the end of a hosepipe to a 1.2m (4ft) long cane. It is then possible to direct the water more easily into pots: when watering a hanging-basket, bend over the tip of the hosepipe (it can be held in place with a piece of wire, perhaps from a wire clothes hanger). Alternatively, use proprietary hosepipe fittings.

Recycling growing-bags: Where a growing-bag has been used to grow vegetables, perhaps tomatoes in a greenhouse or lettuces on a patio, at the end of the season remove the plants and place the bag in a shed. In the following spring, mix a general fertilizer with the compost and plant with culinary herbs, such as mints that need to have their roots constricted. Half-hardy annuals can also be planted in this medium.

Rejuvenating dry hanging-baskets: Where the compost in a hanging-basket has become exceptionally dry, lower the basket and immerse the compost in a large bowl or bucket of water. Wait until air bubbles cease to rise, then replace the basket on its supporting bracket. First-aid watering: During very hot days -or when a hanging-basket cannot be watered – place a few ice cubes on the compost. These will melt gradually and the water will become available to the plants. Grouping plants in pots: Position plants in pots in a group, rather than spreading them over a large area. This helps to create a more impressive display, as well as slightly reducing the amount and frequency of water they require.

Keeping herbaceous borders smart and tidy

Removing dead flowers: Cutting off dead flowers is time-consuming, but it certainly prolongs the display as well as preventing plants developing seeds at the expense of growth and flowers. Use sharp secateurs or scissors and cut them immediately above a leaf. Place the dead flowers on a compost heap rather than just dropping them on the soil.

Supporting plants: Some herbaceous plants are self-supporting, while others need unobtrusive support. The traditional way to support herbaceous plants is to push twiggy sticks around them while they are still small, so that foliage and flowers grow through them. Proprietary metal supports are available.

Mulching the soil: In spring, shallowly fork around established plants, removing weeds and ensuring that the soil does not have a crusty cap that prevents air and water entering the ground. Thoroughly water the soil, then form a 5cm (2in) thick mulch of well-decayed garden compost over the surface. Alternatively, use a mulch formed of shredded bark.

Autumn tidiness: During autumn, herbaceous plants die down to soil-level; the old stems can be cut down to soil-level, removed and added to a compost heap. This creates a smart and tidy border throughout winter. Alternatively, the stems and old leaves are left in place throughout winter, so that they create an attractive feature when covered in frost.

Re-firm plants in spring: In spring, use the heel of your boot to firm soil around herbaceous plants planted during the previous autumn. This ensures soil is in close contact with the roots and that growth will begin as soon as the weather allows.

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Perhaps the best residential location in Pattaya Thailand and value investment


Jenny Balee

Reaching into the sky and possessing beautiful views on all sides, The Peak Towers boasts perhaps the best residential location in Pattaya. Situated on the Cozy Beach side of Pratumnak Hill, it is ideally placed directly between both resorts of Jomtien Beach and Pattaya City.

Every owner of The Peak Towers has the option to enjoy a lifestyle that others simply dream of. It is not so far away, just decide to move, and reach the peak of your desires. A lifestyle that becomes a reality and happens right here. Your new home is packed with facilities that spoil you to the depth that you deserve. A lifestyle that you choose to confirm to yourself now.

Once inside the apartment, your experience becomes personal. Every room type of The Peak Towers has been meticulously designed, knowing that coupled with the latest trends in style, they must of course be practical…. allowing you to truly enjoy the comfort and living that you deserve. We maximized the space and ensured a beautiful view that you can treasure. With only a small number of rooms on each floor, privacy belongs to you.

Heights Holdings, a leading Pattaya based property developer presents a range of 14 beachside high-rise properties for first time investors & those looking for holiday homes. In this series of articles we look at what these properties offer in their brochures and how they successfully combine luxury and affordability.

Heights Holdings mantra is to bring luxury seaside living at affordable prices to the East Coast of Thailand, particularly the Pattaya, Jomtien beach area.

How do Heights Holdings deliver the luxury when the affordable aspect is clearly achieved by limiting the size of the units? I am not saying small units are a negative. The use of smart design and clever innovations ensures that every inch of space is well thought out and the overall results are pleasing. What I think Heights Holdings do so well is to create luxury within the common areas.

Thailand is ideal for outdoor and communal living. Landscaped swimming pools and lagoon with exotic gardens, top of the line gymnasium complexes, saunas & spas, secure parking, attentive coinsure services and effective security all put together within a quality design. Heights Holdings projects encourages its owners to enjoy the common areas by providing a lifestyle that is usually only obtainable at high-end resorts, but by owning a Heights Holdings unit you can enjoy this level of luxury year round.

With this question clearly answered let s present a Heights Holdings project in their own words.



Piling using bore pile with concrete cast in place, Reinforced concrete footing and columns, Reinforced concrete shear walls, Post-tensioning floor slab system.


Lobby and Corridors, High quality ceramic floor tiles, Plastered masonry walls partly painted finish and partly wall decorative covering, Decorative painted gypsum board ceilings, High quality aluminum frame doors and glass windows, Concealed air conditioning units in ground floor lobby area.


3 Pool areas: (1) Main swimming pool on 2nd floor (Tower A) Main communal area (2) Infinity edge swimming pool on the rooftop area (Tower A) (3) Shallow depth pool on the ground floor (Tower B) Relaxation & Children swimming area,Landscaped gardens, water features and a strip of chill out relaxation Salas, Equipped fitness and exercise room on the rooftop area, Sky lounge relation Salas on the rooftop area (Tower A),Business Centre with internet and meeting areas (Tower B), Restaurant & Shop area (Tower A), Other services provided for hire: Laundry and housekeeping services.

Car Parking

Multi-levels of Covered & Underground parking with security.


6 High speed elevator (4 Passenger & 2 service)

Fire Protection

Fire prevention with smoke detectors, Fire sprinkler system, Fire alarms and fire extinguishers, Emergency lighting to common areas.


24 hour security guards and CCTV system, Key card only access or similar.

Electrical Installation

Electrical systems, Individual electricity meter for each residential unit, Emergency power supply for common area and elevator, Sensor lighting in corridors.

Television and Telephone

TV outlet, Cable TV ready, direct telephone line outlet, Wi-Fi Internet System.

Water Systems

Each tower has 2 x water tanks; 1 rooftop and 1 underground – with pressure pump systems, Individual water meter for each residential unit, Each tower has 2 waste water treatment system.

Lightning Protection

Lightning protection system in accordance to internationally accepted standards.

Apartment Specifications

European-standard fitted kitchens; European-standard fitted bathrooms, Built-in wardrobes, Built-in kitchen cabinets, Quality acrylic solid kitchen counter, Slim line wall type air-conditioner in every room, Fire and lighting protection including safety detector systems, Balcony railing with quality transparent tempered glass, Timber laminated entrance door with solid timber frame.


Youtube: Author: Jenny Balee, Bangkok Video Reporters.

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LED Lights Grow Better Plants


kirti nag

It can be difficult to choose between the different types of grow bulbs if you re not very knowledgeable about their attributes. LED grow lights are a newer alternative to their more traditional cousins, High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights. While HPS lights have been around for a while and may be considered by some to be tried and true they are significantly less efficient than LED grow lights.

LED grow lights emit far less heat than HPS lights, operating at 72.9 F on average. This comfortable temperature replicates natural springtime conditions, when plants proliferate most. 70 F to 75 F is the optimal temperature range for plant growth. HPS lights, on the other hand, operate at 95.9 F on average, a temperature that neither plants nor humans find comfortable. Such high temperatures act on plants like high summer, causing plant growth to slow as plants struggle merely to survive.


Fruits and vegetables grown at the lower temperatures of LED grow lights tend to be very robust and flavourful. By the same token, an excessively hot growing environment causes plants to lose some of their nutrients and to yield less delicious fruit. Fruit grown in such high temperatures is also likely to be smaller, since the plants simply do not have as much energy to put toward fruit production.

Anyone who has tended an outdoor garden knows it is most difficult to keep it flourishing in the hottest summer months. The cost of maintaining the garden increases in the summer because the plants need much more water to help them survive the heat. In addition to consuming more power than LED grow lights, HPS lights increase growing costs due to the large amount of water needed to keep the plants alive. LED grow lights, on the other hand, consume less power than HPS lights and keep other costs down because plants require less water when grown at more optimal temperatures.

By helping to keep growing temperatures within the ideal range, LED grow lights encourage superior produce. Their lower power consumption and heat emissions also help to keep growing costs down and reduce your carbon footprint. Choosing the best grow lights will help you to optimise the benefits of indoor gardening, to yourself and the environment.

When it comes to growing plants indoors, the qualities inherent in the light matter a great deal. Brightness as perceived by the human eye is interpreted differently by plants. LED grow lights are directional, and they deliver light that is within the spectrum that is easily absorbed by plants, so there is no need for reflectors and none of the light is wasted. These results in maximum efficiency, optimal yield, discrete operation, and greatly reduced energy costs.

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Every life created by nature has a purpose and usually a predator to keep it in check. Overtime of course, some predators got extinct or displaced and so their prey begin to dominate and soon became pests. Human ingenuity however, is limitless and we soon find solutions to problems that often, we ourselves inadvertently created. The pests in our garden is one such problem and fortunately, we do know how to get rid of them.

When it comes to pests in the garden or pest control in general, the first thing that comes to mind is chemical pesticide. The unfortunate truth about them is that each year homes in Australia use approximately several million litres of pesticides on lawns and gardens, and in the home. In fact, on an average, home owners use thrice the quantum of pesticides as farmers. This sad statistics results in lot of wildlife poisonings also, most surface water contamination from pesticides come from single-family homes.

You can be environmentally friendly by opting for natural methods and natural pest control which by the way, is less expensive and it’s 100% safer for your family, your garden, the wildlife near you and of course, the environment.

Here are the secrets to how organic pest control works:


Smell: Like humans, garden pests too are affected by bad smell however (and fortunately), garden pests hate smell of garlic, rhubarb, fish, tobacco etc. you get the picture. So discard old garlic, fish heads, etc. by burying them near the roots of your plants.

Gases and odour molecules: Certain plants give off natural odours or oils which some bugs find unpleasant. Sprays and other concoctions made from these plants and sprayed onto plants will deter pests while not harming your plants.

Oil: Vegetable oils, Mineral oils and oils made from cotton seed will suffocate soft-bodied pests e.g. caterpillars.

Soap: Add small quantities of vegetable based liquid soaps to sprays in small amounts to make them stick to plants. Many insects dislike it and are harmed by soap.

Physical: If only one or two plants exhibit pests, the good old manual (by hand) removal method works fast and is best. You may hate to go near them but removing caterpillars by hand works best. Just use some simple tool to pry the caterpillars lose and drop them into a bucket or paper bag.

Remember, all insects are not pests. Some are there to control the real pests. The easiest way to differentiate between them is to open Google in your web browser and insert a description of the ‘pest’ and voil you will know if the garden pest you describe is really a pest of a predator of the real pests. You want a Lawn Mowing Services Forster teeming with life with the many creatures and insects keeping each other in check.

The idea of organic pest control is to work with nature rather than bombard everything with chemical based sprays and other counterproductive material.

Of course, you can also opt to have a team of Garden Clean Ups Services Penrith professionals from Fox mowing attend to your garden pests. More information here:

About the Author: Leo Lazich is a Franchisor of Fox Mowing for NSW and QLD in Australia. Welcome to the Fox Mowing and Gardening website. We here at Fox are pretty passionate about our work. We love gardening and lawn care and nothing makes us happier than having satisfied clients.Visit Here For More Information :


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Keep Your Garden Look Good with Lawn Maintenance Services



Austin Marsh

The lawn outside your home requires regular care and maintenance to keep it look the best irrespective of the changing seasons. The change in the weather conditions has different affects on your lawn that may begin to look shabby or look the best to envy your neighbors. So, it is in your hands to keep your garden in up-to-the-mark condition to be ready for all types of weather conditions.

Every season requires different types of care and needs to be identified at the right time so that you can take the necessary steps. Suppose, the growth of the grass is fast in the spring season so you require mowing twice a week whereas in the late spring, you need to water the ground until it is moist at least six inches deep.While considering the busy schedules and lack of knowledge related to maintaining your garden, you can take the help of professional lawn care service providers who will do the needful depending on the condition of your garden.There are many lawn maintenance companies in the United States that provides supreme lawn care services at reasonable prices. You can use Internet to find a company that is ready to provide you free estimates for one-time, monthly and annual service packages to provide you peace of mind all-the-year-round. The prices are majorly based on the size and the condition of the lawn.So, tell them about your preferences and requirements and enjoy the customized lawn maintenance packages at attractive prices without worrying about changing seasons and temperatures.

To learn more about

Lawn Maintenance Company

, please visit

Orlando Lawn Maintenance


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