By Elizabeth Allen

Below is a quick checklist of some do’s and don’ts of child restraint and safety seat installation.

Do’s for Baby

Do read and follow the instructions that come with your child safety seat. Also carefully review the vehicle owners manual. It will contain important information regarding the installation of child safety restraints in your make and model vehicle.

Do dress the baby in pants or loose clothing so that his or her legs are free. Otherwise, it will be difficult to secure the crotch harness strap. Place blankets and other coverings over the baby only after you have fastened all baby seat buckles and have tightened all harness straps.

Do ensure the baby sits in a semi-reclined position in the safety seat. This helps babys breathing. Ordinarily, you can adjust the base of the seat for this purpose. If you cant adjust your babys safety seat, try putting a rolled towel under the front end of the babys seat where the motor vehicles seat and seat back join. Be warned. This is a delicate adjustment. Your baby could be ejected from the seat in the event of an accident or sudden stop if you tip the seat too far backwards.

Do take time to ensure the harness straps fit snugly and lie flat on the babys shoulders, not on his arms. In an accident or near accident, a baby can be thrown out of his seat if the harness is loose.


Do use the lowest harness slot for a newborn and make sure the straps in the slots rest at or below the babys shoulders.

Do check the location of the plastic harness retainer clip. Position it at the level of the babys armpits so the harness straps will fall properly across the shoulders.

Do make sure the vehicle’s seat belt is properly attached to the child safety seat and holds it securely and snugly in place inside your vehicle, if your vehicle does not have a LATCH child safety seat installation system. Under these circumstances, you should thread the vehicles seat belt through a convertible child seats seat belt path or slots designed to hold the belt. These slots are usually located in a lower position than the slots used to secure older toddlers.

Don’ts for Baby

Dont place thick padding under or behind a baby. He wont be as tightly restrained as he should be to travel safely. If you need to support a baby, fill any empty spaces around his head and shoulders with rolled baby blankets. Rolled cloth diapers or small blankets can be placed between the babys legs and behind the crotch strap.

Dont use a seat with a padded overhead shield/bar that drops down in front of baby. You may think the shield/bar is an extra safety feature. In actuality, it can injure your child if your babys head or body strikes the shield/bar during a crash or sudden stop.

Dos for Toddlers and Pre-schoolers 1 to 4 years old:

Do read and follow the instructions enclosed with your child safety seat. In addition, read your vehicle owners manual. It should contain important information regarding the installation of child safety restraints in your make and model vehicle.

Do keep your child in a full harness as long as you can beyond age 4. The harness protects his upper body and keeps him secure in his seat.

Do use the appropriate (usually the top-most) slots for the harness straps when your child is at least one year old, weighs over 20 pounds, and starts riding in the forward facing position in a convertible seat. Comply with the manufacturers instructions about placement of the harness straps.

Do check the placement of the harness retainer clips. They should be at armpit level.

Do make sure the vehicle’s seat belt is properly attached to the child safety seat, if the vehicle does not have a LATCH child safety seat installation system. When using a seat belt, you must thread the vehicles seat belt through a convertible child seat’s correct seat belt path or slot. This may be a different slot from the one you used when your child was a baby and his convertible seat faced backwards.

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byAlma Abell

As a property owner, you likely have numerous repair and maintenance expenses. You may skip over some duties because you feel as though they can wait. This is not a wise decision, particularly with your plumbing system. Plumbing systems are susceptible to leaks, and pipe leaks that are not repaired can eventually give way and burst. This can leave behind thousands of dollars in property damages.

Perhaps you are thinking it would be unfortunate to go through such a situation, but your insurance would have you covered. Ensure that you understand your insurance policy and what it covers. Many insurance policies do not cover water damages due to a property owner’s negligence. Unfortunately, claims adjusters may try to rule that your omission of getting the plumbing system serviced resulted in the damages.

In the event you do incur water damages, a Water Restoration Service Vero Beach FL, can help you with the clean-up. You need to request this service as quickly as possible because mold spores can settle and start wreaking their havoc in a short period of time. You also run the risk of stinky odors settling into furniture and upholstered items. The company you choose can help with filing a claim if your insurance company does cover the costs.

There will always be people who attempt to cut corners on getting things completed professionally. Do not be one of these people if your property has been exposed to water damage. You simply do not have the skills needed to ensure a thorough cleaning. Mold spores cannot be seen with the naked eye. So, what looks clean to you may actually contain mold spores ready to spread and cause more in property damages and clean-up costs.

A Water Restoration Service Vero Beach FL, company will have the correct cleaning solutions and equipment to ensure thorough cleaning as well as drying. Moisture is the leading cause of mold contamination. The restoration service will also be able to check to ensure that they have cleaned thoroughly, and their work will likely be guaranteed. is a good resource to use for your water damage restoration needs.

By Dimitris Stacosta

File-sharing programs are probably the most controversial way to download and burn free music on the Internet, but file sharing has never been more popular. Programs like KaZaA, Limewire, Ares, Shareaza, WinMX and iMesh seem to be the most popular for gathering totally free music to download. Lawsuits by the music business have slowed some of the illegal sharing of pirated music, but there are new file-sharing programs that use methods to allow users to be anonymous.

Such file-sharing programs are also called P2P, or peer-to-peer programs. Unlike the old Napster network that ran all exchanges through a central server, this entirely free music download software, using P2P networks connects users directly to each other allowing them to download and burn free music.

It should be mentioned that file-sharing programs are not illegal in themselves, and their creators like to emphasize their many legitimate uses. Some unsigned bands use the file-sharing networks to distribute their music through free music downloads and several organizations use them to exchange documents.

Lots of people are confused about what is legal.


* Are there actually places to download and burn free music on the internet?

* Can downloading music put you at risk for legal action?

* Is file-sharing legal?

It’s no wonder people are confused when we all know that the Net is full of legal music download sites advertised as “napster replacements” which are 100% legal. Sites like Mp3 Advance, DownloadShield and MP3 Music Subscription are just a few that offer a lot more than just music downloads. The vast majority of totally free music download programs shared on P2P (peer-to-peer) networks like KaZaA, Limewire, Ares, Shareaza, WinMX and iMesh seem to violate copyright laws because the music was posted without permission of the artist or label.

Since it’s almost impossible to determine which free music downloads may be legitimate, the only certain way to stay legal is to avoid these type file-sharing programs altogether.

Unauthorized copying of commercial music is clearly illegal These totally free music downloads usually means songs that are made from CD’s and then placed on the internet by individuals who haven’t sought permission from the artist or music company.

What do copyright laws allow, actually? To put it simply but clear, you may make a copy of your own CD for your personal use. That means you may record it to a cassette tape or transfer it to MP3 files. You may not, however, give the copy you made to another person. Many people think that if no money is involved, then no law has been broken. This is not right. It doesn’t matter whether you give the copy away or sell it, this is still a violation of copyright law.

About the Author: Dimitris Stacosta is a writer and internet publisher who likes to publish reviews of free music download reviews and related issues. Read more at the website


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Pc Security At Glance

Submitted by: Vladimir Petrov

Executives at small to mid-sized businesses that we have surveyed state that one of their top technology concerns continues to be security and privacy. Small to mid-sized businesses store vital data: client files, accounting records, corporate records, email communications, and more. Failing to back up this data or keep it secure can ruin a business.

Most small to mid-sized businesses have taken essential steps to consider security and privacy in all that they do. And still, they wonder if they are doing the right things. This article highlights the four biggest issues that small to mid-sized businesses face, and the simple steps they need to take to address these risks.

Risk #1: Data Backup and Storage. The costs of recreating lost data for a small to mid-sized business can be huge, both in terms of recovery and the cost to the firm’s public profile and image. For instance, a firm simply can’t afford to recreate three months of accounts receivable invoices.

Solution: It is crucial to have real-time, frequent backups and to confirm that data retrieval processes are working. Manual backups can be less expensive than automated backups, and equally reliable. At the same time, small to mid-sized businesses can’t overlook the process of retrieving backups. In fact, retrieving lost data often proves more risky than storing data in the first place, and is often overlooked by small to mid-sized businesses that focus more on data storage. It is essential to test retrieval of stored data on a regular basis.


Risk #2: Threats from internal sources. In the case of small to mid-sized businesses, threats from internal sources are often larger than threats from unknown hackers. We are aware of a number of cases of attempted fraud. For instance, an employee at one business managed to hack into escrow holding accounts, as well as private files containing owners private credit card numbers.

Solution: Only authorized users should be able to access vital data, a strict privacy and security policy should be in place, and businesses should be especially careful when adding and removing employees/users. Of course, most small to mid-sized businesses have created a network architecture with unique user names that is password driven. Unfortunately, we have found that many businesses have become complacent and sloppy with this type of system.

For instance, they share passwords or give each employee/partner the same password. Even businesses that do follow this system can go further by checking the log files on the servers and on applications, and by testing network security each time an employee comes or goes, to ensure that there has been no security breach.

Risk #3: Turnover of in-house technical resources. We have found small to mid-sized businesses experience turnover of their in-house technical resources every 12 to 18 months. Most of the time, these “technical” employees did not create written processes and procedures for security, or kept them inside their heads. Turnover of staff therefore can lead to decreased attention to privacy and security, and make a small to mid-sized businesses vulnerable.

Solution: Small to mid-sized businesses should have a formal, written procedure and set of standards in place for testing their system for breaches and risks. They should test their system regularly, and also check log files – especially during employee transitions. These standards and processes should have a life independent of any single employee.

Risk #4: Vendors, especially IT vendors. It is a secret in the IT world that many IT service providers create more security and privacy problems than they fix. That’s because they may lack good security procedures and, if they are vulnerable to hacking, so are their clients. Any vendor that connects to your systems can make you vulnerable to hackers.

Solution: Small to mid-sized businesses should screen all vendors, and especially IT vendors, to ensure that they have a secure infrastructure. Ask them how they connect to your computers in order to maintain security. Request their written policies and procedures about how they govern security and privacy. Find out how your security might be compromised if someone breaks into their system. Ask about how they recruit and screen their employees.

Conclusion: Don’t get complacent!

The solutions to privacy and security issues are technically straightforward. What is often lacking is a proactive, consistent approach to ensuring that security remains strong. In addition, it is challenging to find the right resources to be truly accountable for security and privacy. Due to turnover and other demands on their job, in-house technical resources are often not ideal candidates to handle these vital issues.

Conflicting demands on their time can lead to the appearance of security without actual compliance (e.g. passwords that people share; lack of written procedures and standards). When they leave, small to mid-sized businesses are vulnerable, often for some time. Meanwhile, many IT vendors lack the infrastructure and expertise to adequately secure small to mid-sized businesses firm’s vital data and applications. Small to mid-sized businesses must stay on top of Computer Security and privacy issues, and be sure that they follow a consistent set of policies and procedures.

About the Author: Vladimir Petrov – Chief Technology Advisor


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byAlma Abell

Have you tried all of those products that claim to whiten teeth and found them ineffective? This could be for a variety of medical reasons, such as being genetically inclined to have discolored teeth. People on certain medications may also experience discolored teeth that over the counter tooth whitening products cannot touch. If this has happened to you, do not despair. You can still get a brighter, whiter smile from Teeth Whitening in Lafayette LA services available from cosmetic dentistry.


More Effective ResultsProfessional tooth whitening delivers more effective and longer lasting results than trying one over the counter product after another. Your cosmetic dentist will give you a full dental check up to make sure that the cause of your discolored teeth isn’t a medical problem that needs to be addressed. Bring a list of your medications to your cosmetic dentist to help him or her uncover your diagnosis. Once these problems are addressed, then you have a variety of tooth whitening options to choose from.

Comfortable OfficeA tooth whitening session can last anywhere from fifteen minutes to nearly an hour, depending on your particular circumstances and diagnosis. These sessions are so comfortable that many find them relaxing. A good cosmetic dentist will offer you neck rests and music headphones so that you can rest and recharge as your teeth whiten.

Safer for YouOver the counter tooth whitening products are often made with abrasive chemicals like bleach. It’s no wonder many people find them painful. If you get pain from an over the counter tooth whitening product, there’s nobody to ask what you should do. If you start to feel any discomfort in a cosmetic dentist’s office, professionals are there to help you and can right away answer any questions you have.

Not Always in the OfficeYou don’t always have to be in the dentist’s chair in order to get a tooth whitening session. You may be able to use at-home products available from your cosmetic dentist. It’s good to let the dentist show you how to use the system before you take it home.

Avoid Unwanted Complications with the Right Plastic Surgeon



The face and the physical body are what people immediately see the first time they meet someone. Therefore, it matters what one looks like. Improvements may require undergoing certain procedures, and in most cases, the benefits far outweigh the costs. In order to attain the degree of physical beauty desired, one may want to undergo the process of cosmetic surgery.

The United States is known for its various plastic surgery centers. Many come to the U.S. to have their physical appearances surgically enhanced or modified by experienced surgeons. It may be expensive, but the results are certainly worth it. However, no matter how determined one is to go under the knife, it would still be wise to consider the risks that come with the process.

Anyone can search online about the horrors of plastic surgery. Remember to take these in with a grain of salt. Yes, there are risks to any surgery regardless of its nature. No, it does not happen left and right. In fact, it hardly happens at all. Getting a complication-free result is largely dependent on the kind of surgeon chosen to do the job. As with most things, it s all about quality.


Naturally, there are standards that every professional and licensed plastic surgeon in whatever part of the world must meet. The same standards apply to all the

plastic surgeons Arizona

employs. Before one decides to allow a surgeon to operate on his or her body or face, one should first make sure that the surgeon has an eye for beauty and steady and experienced hands. Also that the surgeon is well-renowned for his or her skills and, in the United States, should have passed the standards of the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery.

Cosmetic surgery costs money, and in order to avoid making poor investments through unwanted surgery results, the plastic surgeon should be both certified and qualified. Consult with a

plastic surgeon AZ

residents trust and do not hesitate to ask questions. The surgeon s answers would help determine how knowledgeable he or she is.

Plastic surgery is done primarily because of a desire to achieve some physical changes that can bring about a new level of confidence in patients.

plastic surgeons Arizona

locals recommend aim to help increase the self-esteem of their clients. To read up on plastic surgery articles that made the news, head over to

If you have questions, please visit us at for complete details and answers.

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Life Business Coaching

Life Business Coaching


Cllifford Niehaus

A Life and Business Coaching Program can spark new kick in you and also your small business. This is a small list of ways Life and Business Coaching should support:


• Discover what exactly is most essential in your life and organization • Help growth based on your standards • Defeat boundaries • Construct adjustments in order to realize any outcomes you\’ve foreseen • Realize greater amounts of triumph When joining forces with an knowledgeable life business coach there will be evident expectations mandatory. You\’ll focus on designing a avenue to fulfillment by developing wonderful effects hence you become targeted to produce the best possible life. Your affair commences with a well-formed result approach and is meant to produce definite thrust by way of candid communications you experience together with your life and business coach. Different Life Business Coaching techniques are utilized that improve the successful attitude needed to initiate an exceptional lifestyle that translates into understanding of the attitudestemporary psychological state you are currently regulating from which may limit all your competencies, and subsequently translates into a propulsion system in order to start corrections with the aim to aid you and your organisations progress and renewal. The greatest Business Life Coaching programs are intended to focus on consequences you yearn for and the more sessions you are present for the more you will greet every opening to achieve improvements. No matter how young or old a Business Life Coaching program will provide countless advantages. It truly is certainly not too premature or late to make your daily life and enterprise as good as possible. The paramount Business Life Coaching programs utilize tools that are reputable and the techniques employed teach you to process difficulties on our own in the long run eliminating the need for a coach. Look for a Life Business Coaching program that enables immediate superb improvement. Business Life Coaching is one of the quickest growing fields in the world and has extended the lifestyles of many human beings. The goal of every respectable coach is to aid the growth of each coachee\’s current situation. Let a Life Business coach help you obtain each and every one of your objectives by helping you craft well-constructed, alluring outcomes to start working on between engagements. Life is fleeting and wasting additional time focused on behavior that aren\’t developing new opportunities in your Business and Life is a decision that might be costing you more than you are at present mindful of. Life and Business Coaching is vastly helpful when utilized properly and might stop your Life and Business issues and accelerate your accomplishment.

Our lives go by extraordinarily quickly and time appears to be going faster each and every day, don\’t permit any further options pass you by. You truly control the choice to create whichever result you want whether or not it\’s increasing your revenue, getting to your ideal weight or building more advantageous personal and industry relationships. Supposing you employ a Life and Business coach you will design outcomes that speed up your fulfillment. or Coaching in general click here

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By Steve Bush

A brief series of pertinent small business financing questions and answers are provided below as a tool to illustrate why working capital loans and commercial mortgages have become so difficult to obtain. This is designed to serve as a good starting point for any small business borrower about to embark on efforts to secure commercial financing.

After they were given taxpayer funding by the financial bailout in 2008, are banks required to provide small business lending?

No, although it is a mystery to almost everyone (except for the bankers themselves) that there were not such conditions placed upon the banks when they were saved from financial collapse by taxpayer funds. Because the assets are considered to be what is known as fungible, the recipients can effectively do what they want with the money. This seems like a term invented just for such an occasion. As used for banking purposes it is not possible to say what happened to the money given to the banks because the monetary assets are interchangeable with other funds. Most banks saved from financial collapse now appear to be investing a significant portion in what most observers consider to be risky areas similar to what got them into trouble at the beginning of this crisis, and in any case there were no restrictive conditions which would require banks to provide any particular amount of commercial loans.


Are there really any good banks still standing? After the financial bailout, are banks still failing?

Yes seems to be an appropriate answer to both questions. Telling the difference between good and bad banks is unfortunately not an easy task for innocent bystanders. It should be apparent that there is still a lending crisis that was not resolved by the bailout because (among other objective indicators) there continue to be ongoing weekly reports from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation about bank failures. The rest of us can still draw our own conclusions even though bankers and politicians do not want to talk openly about this situation.

Do phantom business loans refer to commercial financing that lenders say is available but in fact is not?

Yes, and the term is influenced by technology firms when they talked about products often called phantom software when they were trying to discourage customers from purchasing a competitive product even though the company that made the announcement did not have such an item actually available. Because there were so many documented instances in which the phantom software never materialized beyond a press release, the practice was usually viewed as controversial. The world of small business lending has now apparently adopted this questionable public relations ploy.

While the preceding discussion was not intended to be a complete examination of small business loans, it was designed to reveal potential lending difficulties to small business owners before it is too late to take appropriate action. The brief business financing quiz shown above also illustrates several key issues to help explain the recent lack of adequate commercial real estate loans and working capital funding by banks to small businesses.

About the Author: Stephen Bush has provided business financing expert advice to commercial borrowers for over 30 years and delivers small business finance services throughout the United States. Please visit the Commercial Mortgage Loans website for AEX Commercial Financing Group at


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byAlma Abell

If you have water settling in your yard, it’s essential that you call an expert that specializes in Drainage in Brick, NJ. You and your family can’t enjoy your yard if it’s always wet and this is most often the result of a drainage problem. Below you’ll discover some common questions about your residential drainage system.


Q.) Can a wet yard cause damage to my home?

A.) If your yard is constantly wet and the water has nowhere to drain, it’s quite possible that the moisture will eventually get into your basement and damage your foundation. Wet soil underneath your home expands causing the foundation to raise higher than it should be. In very dry months, the soil shrinks back down and the foundation sinks back down into the soil. Foundation damage can be expensive to repair, so it’s best to have your drainage problem fixed before this happens. Mold and mildew growth thrive in a damp basement and this fungus can cause allergies to flare up and you may have breathing problems. If you have any belongings stored in your basement, the dampness can ruin them and cause them to have a musty odor.

Q.) How will a drainage system keep the water out of my yard?

A.) The professionals that will fix your Drainage in Brick, NJ will dig out a trench that runs away from your home. A perforated pipe is placed down in the trench and small rocks or gravel is poured around the pipe. Under normal circumstances, this type of drainage system works efficiently for at least ten years. Most of the time, a sump pump is also installed to work with the drainage system, especially if there isn’t a huge slope from the house to the drain field. A clean out is normally installed to inspect or snake the drain in the event of a clogged pipe.

Before your drainage problem gets any worse, call Jersey Shore Lawn Sprinkler, Inc for a free estimate to fix your drainage problem. This company also provides lawn care service, water well drilling, pump installation, lawn irrigation, swimming pool repair and back flow testing.

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Most Boring Task Which You’ll Never Consider Doing Yourself: Need of a Virtual Assistant


Paull OrtizMarketing Business

Marketing your business is very essential to increase your product sales which would in-turn increase profit level of your company. Marketing your product on internet is not an easy task. Marketing on internet gives you global reach. It requires lots of effort to advertise your product globally on the internet. It is not easy because one has to scroll tons of websites for getting traffic and posting links and ads which takes lots of time.

Can you do it?

As an owner of a company it becomes very difficult to look at each and every aspect of business also social media networks have grown by many folds and the task one has to do is immense for promoting the business on these social media networks. Before promoting the product and business you need to promote the website in various search engines such that the website is ranked in top5 of search results and all these tasks are not easy plus you also need to post ads of your company on various websites which requires you to register first on each and every in dividual websites and than post ads on these websites which is also a tedious process, doing all this day-in and day-out makes you bored and it is not a cup of tea for everyone to drink.

Though internet provides great resource for marketing the product at almost no cost, it is not at all easy to work around on the World Wide Web but having said that I would still say social media networks are the best to increase your profit level without spending much and also helps in cutting cost.

What is the solution?

The only solution is hiring a Virtual Assistant who would complete your entire day-to-day task on the social media network.


1.Virtual assistant is needed for doing search engine optimization for your website.

2. It is also needed to provide back links of the website on different social media networks.

3. Virtual assistant is needed to release detail of products on all websites on the internet.

4.Virtual assistant is needed to generate effective leads which can be converted into sales.

5.Virtual assistant is needed to post ads on different websites which when clicked gets the user to the company website.

6.Virtual assistant is needed to post jobs for the company on social media websites so that the company can hire highly skilled task force without paying anything. Hiring employees through recruitment consultants is very costly with respect to this virtual assistant does a great job for the company.

7.Virtual assistant is needed to showcase your product on various social media networks for more visibility of products.

8.It is also needed to prepare presentation of the product to be released on various social media networks.

With a

virtual assistant

waiting in the wings, you get your life back in a simple


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