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Father of David Cameron dies in French hospital after suffering stroke

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The father of British Prime Minister David Cameron died in France today. 77 year-old Ian Cameron suffered a stroke while on holiday. David Cameron travelled to France this morning after hearing the news that his father was ill.

A Downing Street spokesman said that Ian died shortly after the Prime Minister arrived at the hospital. It has been reported that the Prime Minister will stay in France overnight.

Ian Cameron was born with both legs deformed, and during his life he underwent numerous operations. Speaking of his father in March, Cameron told ITV reporter Sir Trevor McDonald “My father is a huge hero figure for me, because he’s an amazingly brave man…. To have a disability in the 1930s and 1940s, a different age, was really tough, but he never let it affect him in any way.”

David Cameron missed today’s session of Prime Minister’s Questions and cancelled his political engagements to travel to France.

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Elwood Norris receives 2005 Lemelson-MIT Prize for invention

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

MIT has announced that Elwood “Woody” Norris, inventor of potentially revolutionary technologies of Hypersonic Sound beams and AirScooter flying vehicles, will receive this year’s Lemelson-MIT prize for invention this Friday, April 22. The prize comes with an award of US$500,000, making it the largest single award for invention given in the United States.


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Great Middlesbroughcar audio services!


Derek Landis

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Florida man charged with stealing Wi-Fi

Update since publication

This article mentions that Wi-Fi stands for “Wireless Fidelity”, although this is disputed.

Thursday, July 7, 2005

A Florida man is being charged with 3rd degree felony for logging into a private Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) Internet access point without permission. Benjamin Smith III, 41, is set for a pre-trial hearing this month in the first case of its kind in the United States.

This kind of activity occurs frequently, but often goes undetected by the owners of these wireless access points (WAPs). Unauthorized users range from casual Web browsers, to users sending e-mails, to users involved in pornography or even illegal endeavours.

According to Richard Dinon, owner of the WAP Smith allegedly broke into, Smith was using a laptop in an automobile while parked outside Dinon’s residence.

There are many steps an owner of one of these access points can take to secure them from outside users. Dinon reportedly knew how to take these steps, but had not bothered because his “neighbors are older.”

India: Head of Delhi Commission on Women calls for prompt capital punishment for child rape

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India: Head of Delhi Commission on Women calls for prompt capital punishment for child rape

22 Feb

Saturday, February 3, 2018

On Wednesday, following the rape in India’s capital, New Delhi, of an eight-month-old girl, Swati Maliwal, head of the Delhi Commission for Women, announced she was beginning a 30-day Satyagrah Aandolan —a form of non-violent civil protest— to persuade the Government of India to impose the death penalty promptly when offenders rape children. She asked for others to join in her protest action.

As reported in the Indian press on Monday, the baby girl was initially in critical condition after she was raped on Sunday at her home in Subhash Nagar in western New Delhi while her parents were at work. According to the police and a statement by the baby’s father to the agency Asian News International, when the mother returned, the baby was crying and was covered in blood. A police spokesman said the baby’s 28-year-old cousin was arrested under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act and Section 376 of the Indian Penal Code.

After Ms Maliwal visited the baby’s hospital, she tweeted: “How can Delhi sleep today when 8 month baby has been brutally raped in Capital? Have we become so insensitive or we have simply accepted this as our fate?”, and addressed Prime Minister Narendra Modi demanding “stricter laws and more police resources” to combat rape. She said the baby’s internal injuries were “horrific” and “inhuman” and had required three hours on the operating table to repair, and she could “still hear her screams and cries”. Others responded with tweets calling the rape “monstrous” and “disgusting and disturbing”.

In a tweeted statement on Wednesday announcing her protest action, Ms Maliwal demanded offenders who rape children should be executed within six months. “I will not go home for 30 days. I will work in the office throughout the day and at night I will inspect different places of Delhi. I will do double work. I will sleep in the office only. I give 30 days’ time to accept my demands.” She also demanded a 14,000-person expansion of the Delhi Police and improvements to police software and forensics resources and reform of the prosecution department. She asked “people who understand the severity of such crimes and who really care for their kids” to join her in going house to house throughout Delhi to get the government to meet her demands.

Since the 2012 gang rape and murder of a student on a Delhi bus, there have been widespread protests in India against rape culture and calls for heavier penalties for rape. In response the government has made the law stricter and introduced dedicated ‘fast-track’ courts. Problems persist. There have been other press reports of child rape in the country in recent years, including the kidnapping and rape of a three-month-old in Hyderabad in 2015 and the kidnapping and rape of an eleven-month-old in Delhi in 2016. National Crime Records Bureau 2016 statistics list 19,765 child rapes, an 82 per cent increase over the previous year.

U.S. Postal Service running out of money

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U.S. Postal Service running out of money

22 Feb

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tensions are running high at the U.S. Postal Service as it faces an enormous budget shortfall. Even after announcing it was cutting 3,000 jobs, the beleaguered government agency is still quickly running out of money.

Postmaster General John Potter asked the United States Congress for help on Wednesday, once again bringing up the possibility of reducing mail delivery from six to five days a week. The service reduction would save approximately $3.5 billion this year.

Another way to cut costs could include changes to how it pays for its employee retirement plan, which would save a further $2 billion. Closing small and rural post offices is another possibility that has been discussed.

Many measures have already been taken to stem the agency’s losses. Construction of new facilities has been put on hold and existing ones put up for sale, millions of man-hours have been cut, and executive salaries have been frozen.

House Oversight Post Office Subcommmittee chairman Stephen F. Lynch (D-Mass.) has expressed reluctance with the plan to reduce service, saying “With the Postal Service facing budget shortfalls the subcommittee will consider a number of options to restore financial stability and examine ways for the Postal Service to continue to operate without cutting services.”

Other than cost cutting, Congress could also appropriate taxpayer dollars to fund the struggling Postal Service, which currently does not rely on public funding outside of a subsidy for international voting mail and services for the blind.

If nothing is done, the USPS will soon run completely out of money, and may be unable to pay many of its bills. Salaries are the agency’s highest priority to continue paying, though other debts may have to wait to be paid, said Potter. Last year the Postal Service lost $2.8 billion.

Learn All About Nitro Rc Cars

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Learn All About Nitro RC Cars by John LandryOne of the mistakes common to people new to the RC car hobby is assuming that all non-electric RC cars can just run on normal petrol (gasoline). The reason behind this being these types of non-electric RC cars actually are powered by a mixture of methane, nitromethane and oil, commonly called nitro fuel. This can simply be bought at online shops and is also usually a lot more expensive than normal every day petrol.With a Nitro RC you will be investing in Nitro fuel, batteries and every so often some oil will likely be necessary for the shocks and much more after care is essential with a Nitro rc car. There is considerably more maintenance because fuel needs to be drained from the tank each time and you might have to do a visual review to ensure all screws are tight and some basic maintenance after each run, this also applies for petrol rc cars. Don’t let this scare you away though. Think about the maintenance you perform on your real vehicle, it’s not very often is it?Braking in of the engine is quite necessary to maintain the life of the differential along with the car towards it’s maximum life span. Like real cars, an petrol RC car’s differential has many gears which are small and complicated, these are extremely expensive. Careful breaking in of your RC car engine before letting your vehicle loose on full fledged races will greatly help. Run the vehicle at a quarter of the power, with wheels up and running, after which slowly and steadily run it in ‘0’s or ‘8’s. This will set the differential and permit one to run full races with no damage to the engine.However, you can think about a couple of few things before buying any rc vehicle. The most important thing would be to decide where exactly you are going to run your radio control car – on road or off the road? The on road cars would usually run smooth while driving, but not at all on stones, grass or hills. For that purpose, you’ll have to purchase an off road version such as a buggy.The next step for several RC hobbyists will be the Petrol RC car. Petrol RC cars are determined by miniature engines which operate on an petrol and other oils. These cars have become fast having quite insane acceleration. They can reach and fly past with higher speeds than electric cars, whose batteries are constantly running down which suggests less power for speed.Another reason why a great deal of RC model enthusiasts have become partial to these gas remote control cars would be that the high-end ones are not readily available as RTR. These kits allow users to freely select the engine that they require to use in their car and also other gears, for example transmitter and receiver. This is what real RC cars enthusiasts love about buying kits of RC models.There are also Gas Powered RC Buggies which can be called all terrain vehicles because they can run both on-road and off-road. These vehicles are powerful enough to overcome extreme terrain but also fast enough to perform on flat and paved surface. Choosing the best environment because of these sort of vehicles is not a problem since you can run them wherever you need. The tougher suspensions and drive-trains of the buggies and trucks are those which makes them run on all terrains.Please visit my website for similar remote control car articles, and reviews on petrol rc cars as well as nitro.https://petrol-rc-cars.comArticle Source: eArticlesOnline.com

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Afghanistan: More than 40 killed in explosions in Kabul

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Afghanistan: More than 40 killed in explosions in Kabul

22 Feb

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Today, multiple bomb blasts at a Kabul Shi’a cultural centre, religious school, and Afghan Voice news agency killed at least 41 people and injured 84, Afghanistan’s public health ministry spokesperson Waheed Majrooh said.

According to reports it was a suicide attack. According to multiple reports and eye-witnesses, at least three explosions were heard. Militant group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) claimed the responsibility of this attack via Amaq News Agency. Children were gathered at the Tebyan cultural centre on the 38th anniversary of the Soviet invasion in mostly Sunni Afghanistan.

In 2017, at least 73 attacks on journalists took place in Afghanistan, according to the Afghan Journalists Safety Committee. There have been multiple attacks on Shi’a Muslims in Afghanistan by ISIL. 39 were killed in an attack on October 21 at a Shi’a mosque in Afghan’s capital Kabul. More than 80 were killed in another attack in May when a truck bomb detonated in Kabul’s Wazir Akbar Khan area.

Promote Your Business With Effective Poster Printing Tips

Promote Your Business with Effective Poster Printing Tips


Jaun Schaar

Gone are the days when you had limited options available to promote your business, product or services. Now with the advent of technology, you can promote your business with effective banners, posters, signs, signage etc. Latest printing techniques have lessened up your marketing efforts and budget. You can easily promote your business through various popular marketing methods.

Poster printing is one of the most popular forms of advertising. You can use

custom posters

to convey your message to your target audience. It comes in various sizes you can select the one depending upon the space available. Here are some tips that will help you to create useful and attractive posters:

Message should be convincing

YouTube Preview Image

An advertisement is considered effective only when it can convince the audience. Your poster should be able to convince the audience and allow them to understand what you have to offer. Use subtle, clear and short statements in your poster design. It should not confuse your target audience.

Design should be simple

Simple is better. Simplicity is the key ingredient of a successful poster design. You should keep your poster simple yet attractive. Don t stuff up your poster with lots of useless elements. People don t want to scan through the poster to find their desired message. Incorporating so many elements in a single poster can be annoying for readers.

Attractive and colorful

A colorful and attractive poster is strong enough to catch the attention of your target audience. Effective posters help you to stand out in the competition. Your posters should entice your customers to spend time reading it. You can include vibrant colors, readable fonts and high-quality images to make your poster more appealing.

Include contact information

Along with attractive design, text and graphics don t forget to include your contact information. It is a way to educate your target audience that you are available for them and open to interact with your customers. Contact information offers customers a communication channel through which they can get into the details. It includes, phone numbers, website address and physical address etc.

Use high-quality images and printing technique

If you want your poster design to look more eye-catching you should go for high-quality digital printing techniques. Also incorporate high-quality images in the design to make your poster vibrant. There are various printing services available online that offer digital printing solutions. Prisma Banners is one of them. You can submit a design and print request online.

The above tips will help you to create and print wonderful posters to promote your business. Along with these tips, using your own creativity can add more value to your poster design.

Prisma Banners is the one stop solution for all the printed products. We offer high quality banners, banner stand, custom posters, poster boards, sign displays, yard signs, canvas and

sail signs

.Customize your products from the most complete selection of materials, accessories, and printing tools available online.

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News briefs:August 02, 2010

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News briefs:August 02, 2010

20 Feb

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