If you’re considering getting into the t-shirt business, you should become familiar with the different methods available for transferring text, logos, and images to a garment such as a t-shirt.

The two major methods used to transfer an image to a garment are heat transfers, and screen printed transfers.

Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

Heat Transfers

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The process of heat transfer is much simpler than a screen printed transfer, but the image is not as permanent.

The artwork is printed on a special heat transfer paper. There are different qualities of paper depending on whether it’s intended for personal or professional use. Some consumer level printers are also available which can make higher quality heat transfers.

Once the image is printed on the transfer paper, the paper is pressed onto the garment and then heated for a short time. This melts a material in the paper called plastisol which seeps into the shirt. The back of the paper is then peeled from the shirt while the plastisol and the image remain on the garment.

Screen Printed Transfers

At a professional level, screen printed transfers are the most common. As far as print quality goes, this method of transferring an image to a garment is generally better. A screen print will usually last longer, and maintain higher levels of color saturation than a heat transfer.

A screen transfer is more difficult to do, however, and will require the use of more professional equipment to get a high-quality and long lasting image.

A screen print requires that you use a few different tools. First of all, you’ll need a screen. The screen is a wooden or steel frame with a special mesh material. It is pressed against the garment to transfer the ink. These screens must be cleaned after they are used, and they are quite large. If you plan on screen printing professionally, you should have a designated booth and garden hose with which to clean the screen, as well as an area to dry it.

The artwork is printed on special sheets that activate when exposed to UV light. These sheets are printed directly onto the screen mentioned earlier. This is similar to how photographs in non-digital cameras are exposed. Of course, you will either need self-contained exposure equipment for this, a darkroom or sunlight.

The screen that was mentioned earlier has a special chemical coating on it. This coating is then sprayed with a pressure hose. The chemical will eventually come off of the non-transparent portions of the image.

The screen is then pressed against the garment, and ink is applied to the sheet. The ink is then scrubbed across the screen. The ink will seep into the parts of the screen where the chemical was removed, which ultimately transfers the image to the shirt.

If multiple colors are used in the image or logo, this process will have to be repeated for the various colors.

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Elephants recognize mirror image of themselves

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

If you put an elephant in front of a mirror, it will be able to recognize itself, according to a study performed by scientists on three female elephants at the Bronx Zoo located in New York City, New York.

During a test on the elephants named Happy, Maxine and Patty, a mirror was placed in their habitat and all three of the animals went over to the mirrors when they were released back into their habitats.

“Maxine, Patty and Happy immediately went over to the mirror when they were let out, which was really a surprise to us because most animals, when exposed to a mirror, act immediately as if it were another animal,” said a student who took place in the experiment and studies at Emory University located in Atlanta, Georgia, Josh Plotnik.

The mirrors were initially covered and when the elephants went to examine the new item, the cover was removed. Another elephant also began to play with a painted “white ‘X'” on its head when it walked in front of the mirror.

“They would go over smell it and then leave. They went straight for it — there was a lot of smelling the very first day. Both Maxine and Patty tried to climb the mirror wall and look over it,” added Plotnik.

Despite the activity, the elephants Plotnik says, who are usually very vocal to each other were silent during their examination of the mirrors.

“I was really surprised that there was no audible vocalization. These elephants are extremely vocal,” Plotnik said.

Until this study had been performed, only two other animals were known to be able to recognize themselves in mirrors – Dolphins and chimpanzees.

“This ability to recognize themselves in a mirror suggests a higher level of self-awareness,” said a senior scientist who was a co-publisher of the study, which was reported in the National Academy of Sciences, Diana Reiss.

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Russian and US satellites collide

Friday, February 13, 2009

The American civilian communications satellite Iridium 33 and the defunct Russian military communications satellite Kosmos-2251 collided over Siberia on Tuesday, according to NASA. The satellites, each weighing in excess of 1,000 pounds, and traveling at approximately 17,500 miles per hour, collided 491 miles above the earth.

The Iridium satellite was launched in 1997, and the Russian satellite was a Strela-2M model. The American satellite is expected to be replaced within the coming month as Iridium will maneuver one of its in-orbit satellites to replace the lost unit.

Although the first such satellite crash in space, such an event has been long predicted. Nicholas Johnson, chief scientist of NASA’s Orbital Debris Office at the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center stated, “We knew this was going to happen eventually and this is it — this was the big one.”

While the International Space Station and the Hubble Space Telescope are at minimal risk, the event does raise concerns that the debris cloud could collide with other satellites in the region, triggering an exponentially growing series of collisions and debris known as an ablation cascade.

The United States Strategic Command of the U.S. Department of Defense office is tracking the debris. The result of plotting analysis will be posted to a public website.

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Construction Sector is Seeing Massive Improvements through Latest Machines


Jim Lee200

People may believe that science and building simply things that have turned out throughout the continuous development of humanity. While the facts may prove that engineering has been the consequence of continuous infrastructure, it is likewise accurate that it has now gotten a drive that we are intensely subject to. It is generally difficult to picture our lives surprisingly, for one day without. From cells to PCs, from broilers to coolers and from autos to aeration and cooling systems, throughout each waking minute and even past that, we are unvaryingly covered by the solace that different endowments that engineering gives us.

It might be wrong to state that we are just assisted in our day by day exists by the numerous bounties of science. It was really science that dragged us out of the holes and moved us towards the skies. Beforehand man used to accept that earth was the focal point of all the all inclusive phenomena and that man was the ideal production of some heavenly compel. There is no denying the clear certainty that we have progressed beyond anyone\’s expectations from being so insensible, and thusly ludicrously defenseless. Science has bit by bit modified our thought about the birthplace of ourselves and everything else on earth. It has encouraged us to comprehend our spot in this universe in a clearer manner. The way that prompted this acknowledgement has obviously not been straightforward. Throughout the turbulent times of the sixteenth and seventeenth hundreds of years, Galileo and numerous different analysts concurred on the way that the Earth was not at the center of the universe and that it just rotated around the Sun. They agreed that it was this turning that achieved day and night and change of times of year. Later on Darwin identified that current human are the outcome of impressive advancement and has not been made by powerful events.

Today, all over the place we look, we are met with the sight of some engineering or the other, dialing down work handle and re-ordering complex, drawn out things. If it is prescription or agribusiness, mining or development, conveyance or protection each industry has been changed by the production of additional common mechanical contraptions. It is in view of this excuse for why that all countries worldwide are always and exactingly attempting to raise their yearly arrangement for science and advancement. Such growths and movement obviously indicates that pioneers both in management and private division industry are sure about the essentialness of propelling science and development.

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A little case of pumping contraptions can make this focus even clearer. These days, urbanization occurs at lightning speed and this, obviously, would not have been conceivable without the utilization of progressed apparatuses. In spite of the fact that we run across the aforementioned machines once in a while, we barely ever think to contemplate just what amount of the aforementioned have donated in giving us the wonder towers and stunning ways and flyovers. The automations that are for the most part utilized for such development objects are

concrete mixing truck

and infusion pumps.


truck mixers

could be best depicted as a combo materials transporter and movable robust blending or mixing plant. It is usually mounted on a transport vehicle with a stationary slide mount layout, in a perfect world a trailer. It blends diverse extents of different materials of coarse aggregates, sand, cement powder and water; keeping in mind the end goal to create just took the ribbon off new bond. The aforementioned are usually utilized with the point of shortening the time taken by human work and additionally the expense. Risks of postponement and incidents are altogether brought down by the aforementioned machines.

The author of his article is a well known engineer who has ample knowledge about

concrete mixing truck


grout injection pumps

. He has also written many informative articles on

truck mixers


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Russia cuts off gas supplies to Ukraine

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Russia cuts off gas supplies to Ukraine
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31 Jul

Sunday, January 1, 2006

Russia has ended exports of natural gas to neighbouring Ukraine following a failure to reach a compromise over prices. Gazprom, Russia’s natural gas behemoth, began cutting off supplies at 7:00 a.m. UTC Sunday, January 1.

Gazprom claims to have taken this action because Ukraine refuses to pay the market rate for natural gas which is approximately four times higher than the price previously agreed upon by the two. Ukraine has stated that they are not averse to higher prices but believe they ought to be introduced sequentially. Additionally, Russia does not want to honor its contract to supply gas at $50 per 1000 cubic meters until 2008. By comparison, gas produced by OPEC costs $11.4 per 1000 cubic feet (December 28, 2005)[1], equivalent to $402.6 per 1000 cubic meters, an 8-fold rebate.

Gazprom spokesman Sergei Kupriyanov said enough gas was still being piped via Ukraine to maintain deliveries to other countries, and if they were not getting all their gas, it meant Ukraine was tapping into it. Eighty percent of Russian gas exports to Western Europe pass through Ukraine.

“We have information from the ground that shows Ukraine has started illegally siphoning off Russian gas destined for European consumers,” Kupriyanov said.

Ukraine is of the position that since Russia will not live up to the agreement to sell at $50 per 1000 cubic meters until 2008, Ukraine as a transiting country, has the right to offset the illegal cost increase with seizure of Russian assets – namely the gas going through the pipelines in Ukraine.

Sergei Kupriyanov, press secretary to Gazprom’s chief executive, said “Negotiations reach a deadlock when it comes to discussing actual figures … They have called on us to use price parameters that probably existed in the late 1990s in 2006, which is impossible … The price of gas and other energy resources has risen considerably over the past few years.”

The dispute is also tied to the political situation between the two countries. Although a private business, the largest individual shareholder in Gazprom is the Russian government which owns slightly less than 40%. The dispute was further politicized by the personal intervention of Vladimir Putin who offered Ukraine the chance to delay paying market prices for a further three months. Critics of the current Russian government have argued that Gazprom’s action has been an attempt to punish Ukraine for forging closer links with the West following the Orange Revolution. Putin’s advocates, however, have argued that the status quo is akin to a budgetary transfer between the two governments and costs Russia about US$4.5 billion per year. Special European commission has already counted gas independently,and confirmed its loss. But Ukraine disagrees,saing,that it is unjust.German Kanzler Angela Merkel hopes,that the conflict will end soon. And a recent poll conducted by VTSIOM suggests that 80% of Russian citizens support the move by Gazprom. Ukraine has threatened to retaliate by raising the rent that Russia’s navy pays to use the Ukrainian port of Sevastopol as headquarters for its Black Sea fleet, and refusing to repair Russian rockets, which can be repaired only there.

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Create A Luxurious Ambiance To Your Bathroom With A Spa

Create a Luxurious Ambiance to your Bathroom with a Spa



If one has not only the resources but also the time and inclination, why not create your very own spa in the comfort of your home?

Unlike a decade ago when the idea of such a project would cost an absolute fortune, it is now a very affordable and viable option for any home owner. All one has to have is a bit of creativity and imagination.

Well firstly, one has to determine what one expects to gain from a spa. Certainly, one of these is that it has to evoke the ambiance of a luxurious haven and not just the ordinary bathroom that you see every day.

YouTube Preview Image

Bathroom spas, as the name indicates, should have a little more \”extra\” in there to merit more attention and time to revel in its confines. In a real commercial spa, you can have the indulgence of being pampered by various attendants who will wait on you, hand and foot with various ointments, liniments, massage services and much more.

In a bathing room, one can also avail oneself of such niceties. Even though there are no attendants to be had, one can conjure the ambiance of a commercial spa-room with a little bit of imagination and attention to detail.

For instance, colours and the look and feel of the place are very important in a spa. Usually, a typical bathroom will just have those muted tones of ecru, white and beige. A bathroom spa should probably use more interesting colours, like purple, baby pink or lime green. This makes the ambiance of your bathroom spa more \”spa-like\” and certainly, conducive to longer time spent there.

Likewise, adding texture and contrast to the walls and furnishings of your bathing room could add more character and induce interest from the user. Using patterned wallpaper, a glazed tiled floor in earthy colours, or even adding potted plants and various paintings on the wall can add texture and interest to a rather simple and bland bathroom. These elements will make your bathroom spa more attractive to its users.

One also consideration for establishing your bathroom spa is the space available. Definitely, if your bathroom is not that big, then one has to create the illusion of space in your bathroom spa through the use of mirrors. Shelves and cabinets built into the wall can also store your most important liniments, aromatic oils, soaps and other body care products. The rationale is to create an illusion of more space when there isn\’t any much to contend with. All open spaces in a bathroom spa should be kept clean and uncluttered to create the feeling of more space.

Finally, if one has to feel that \”luxurious\” feeling generated by your very own bathroom spa or steam shower, one has to lavish oneself with all the things that money can buy. I\’m talking about expensive aromatic oils, bath gels, bath salts, perfumed toilet water, the softest loofahs, floral-fragranced shampoos, citrus room fragrances, celadon oil burners, etc. Your bathroom spa has to shout out \”opulence and luxuriousness\” to its occupants. Therefore, do not hold back on the spending of these items to perfect your bathroom spa.

Insignia are a leading manufacturer and retail supplier of steam showers, steam shower baths and shower cubicles. Check out the latest innovative delights for your bathroom at

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After 100 days, Deepwater Horizon oil spill still threatens Gulf coast

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After 100 days, Deepwater Horizon oil spill still threatens Gulf coast
Author: Admin

30 Jul

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wednesday marked the 100th day since the beginning of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, and although the leaking well was recently capped, the estimated three million or more barrels of oil already in the Gulf of Mexico are still causing trouble for many residents of the Gulf coast.

There are still many unanswered questions about the long-term impact of the spill, including how it has affected the environment and natural habitats of the Gulf as well as whether residents of the area will be able to return to their jobs and livelihoods now that the leak has been capped. US government officials say that, even after the oil well is permanently sealed, workers will still have a lot to do, including the removal of around 20 million feet (6.1 million metres) of containment boom. “I would characterize this as the first 100 days. There’s a lot of work in front of us,” said Rear Admiral Paul Zukunft of the US Coast Guard.

Authorities will use submarines to assess damage underwater, while teams on the ground assess the shoreline. While removing oil from beaches is expected to be fairly straightforward, cleaning the marshlands will be particularly difficult, as boats are needed to maneuver through small channels and workers are unable to stand on solid ground. At least 638 miles (1,027 kilometres) of the Gulf coast have been hit by the oil.

The government is focusing on both cleaning sensitive coastal regions and looking for underwater oil plumes, but is also probing into what may have been the largest accidental oil spill. The US Justice Department, as well as Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, are all investigating what contributed to the disaster. The Washington Post reported one team is looking into whether a close relationship between BP and government regulators played a role in the spill. The Post also said that Deepwater Horizon operator Transocean as well as oil services group Halliburton were being investigated.

BP officials say that they will try to perform the “static kill” process on Monday, a process which involves pumping a thick mixture of mud and cement down into the cap currently stopping the leak. At the end of next week, one of two relief wells currently being drilled should reach the leaking well, and officials will then know if the static kill has worked. It is hoped that this “bottom kill” operation will be able to permanently seal the damaged well.

Even though BP is close to sealing the oil reservoir, it still faces legal battles, economic struggles, and internal changes. On Tuesday, BP announced Tony Hayward would step down from his position as the company’s chief executive. His replacement, American Bob Dudley, will be the first non-British CEO of the company.

On Thursday, lawyers met at Boise, Idaho hearing to determine how around 200 various lawsuits against BP will play out. Depending on whether the suits can be consolidated, BP could be facing years of legal disputes. BP, Transocean, and Halliburton had already blamed each other for the disaster during a May hearing before the US Senate. Federal regulatory officials were criticized for allegedly taking bribes and not thoroughly inspecting the oil rig.

The company also reported a quarterly loss of US$16.9 billion and said it has allocated US$32.2 billion to pay for the spill. BP has a US$20 billion fund to help make up for the massive losses of the Gulf fishing, oil, and tourism industries and will pay damages for each of the millions of barrels of oil lost in the disaster.

BP says that it is the “responsible party” for cleaning up the spill because it owned the leaking well and had leased the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, but claims that it is not responsible for the entire spill.

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Opponents: New Zealand government sneaks bill into House to avoid public backlash

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Opponents: New Zealand government sneaks bill into House to avoid public backlash
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29 Jul

Thursday, December 7, 2006

The New Zealand Government has tabled the Therapeutic Products and Medicines Bill, despite unprecedented political opposition.

In 2003 the Hon Annette King signed a Treaty with Australia agreeing to hand control of the natural health products sector over to an Australian regulatory body, however she needs to pass enabling legislation in New Zealand. “This will be a world-class joint scheme designed to regulate the safety, quality, effectiveness and promotion of therapeutic products in both New Zealand and Australia. That includes the regulation of complementary and alternative medicines, over-the-counter and prescription medicines, medical devices, blood and blood products and tissues and cellular therapies,” Ms King said.

Twice the Bill has been thrown out by select committees, but the Government is determined to ram it through Parliament, according to the New Zealand Health Trust.

“Late tonight the Bill was finally tabled, with no announcement from the Minister,” said Amy Adams, spokesperson for the Trust, “Clearly the Minister is keen to sneak it into Parliament under cover of the silly season, in the hope that she can keep it under the public’s radar.”

“I welcome the support of a majority of the House who want to see the Bill go to Select Committee where New Zealanders can have their say,” Ms King said.

The NZ Health Trust conducted research earlier this year which showed 62% of New Zealanders used natural health products. “This Bill represents a massive and irreparable change to the way we make rules for New Zealand dietary supplements,” Mrs Adams said.

“Under the proposed regime, well over a million New Zealand consumers would find the choice of products adversely affected, and experience cost increases. So you can see why the Government is trying to sneak this into the House without any fuss – they don’t want the public to know.”

All the political parties except Labour have pledged their opposition the proposal, despite some intense lobbying by Australian and New Zealand officials.

“It is a very serious thing to hand sovereignty over your country over to another nation,” Mrs Adams said. “And all the other political parties see the sense in making sure the sector is regulated from New Zealand – not as a minor state of Australia.”

Ms King said: “The Bill… ensures that New Zealand will have an equal say in the setting up and running of the new Authority and joint scheme.” The new authority will be like a crown-owned entity and will have to provide an anuual report and a statement of intent to parliament each year.

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Gambling sites favor Cardinals Marc Ouellet, Peter Turkson, Francis Arinze as next Pope

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Gambling sites favor Cardinals Marc Ouellet, Peter Turkson, Francis Arinze as next Pope
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29 Jul

Monday, February 11, 2013

With news of Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation only hours old, online gambling sites have already published odds for who will become the next leader of the Roman Catholic Church, with Cardinals Marc Ouellet and Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson as early odds-on favorites.

Online Australian gambling site SportsBet has Canadian Cardinal Marc Ouellet as their favorite with 7/2 odds. The Irish Paddy Power brokers has 11/4 odds with the Canadian Cardinal being chosen as Pope. Bwin has Ouellet becoming the next Pope with odds at 7/2. British SportingBet also has odds for Ouellet at 7/2.

British Ladbrokes has Nigerian Cardinal Francis Arinze with 7/2 odds.

SkyBet has the betting odd for Ghanian Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson at 7/2, its best odds for any potential Papal candidate. BetVictor also has the best odds on Turkson with 5/2. Stan James has the best odds for Turkson at 3/1. You Win has odds for Turkson at 5/2.

Bets are also being taken by Paddy Power for the name of the next Pope, with Peter their odds-on favorite at 2/1. It is followed by Pious at 5/1, and John Paul and John at 6/1.

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