By Susan G West

One of the best times I’ve ever had was making Halloween costumes for my children, nieces and nephews. Finding something that was both safe, easy to put on and take off and within our limited budget wasn’t all that easy to find.

The simplest and the safest toddler Halloween costumes or those suited for infants, should not interfere with their movement, their eyesight or their halting walk. They will invariably want to practice this on the steepest of steps leading to a home at which they trick or treat, or that party you permitted them to attend.

The ability to wear clothing under the costume is helpful when the climate is not so warm during this time of year, particularly if the costume will be worn over a jacket and additional clothing. Be certain that neither infant nor toddler Halloween costume impedes the movement of the children’s extremities; bunching or gather outfits will make it difficult to walk.


Toddler costumes which are purchased or made should be checked over completely to assure that safety comes first. This includes the review of masks as to not obstruct vision. Far better would be face painting, which in no way interferes with their ability to see what they are walking toward or what may be coming toward them. Flowing costumes which are lengthy should be inspected to be certain that they are not too long and will create hazards when walking or running. Wonderful new toddler Halloween costumes are available which include the use face paints rather than a mask.

Among some of the more inventive I’ve seen recently included a leopard, a dinosaur and a cheetah, which incorporated two piece costumes, with face painting, that allowed for ease of use when the little one invariably had to shed the costume to use the bathroom, or found it necessary to readjust clothing beneath it.

Infant Halloween costumes should have no small parts which may come loose and placed in a child’s mouth while you aren’t looking, nor should they have any type of heavy hood materials which might slip down over a child’s face while they are placed in the rear of a car in the car seat.

Both infant and Toddler Halloween costumes have become far safer than they once were. Materials used are normally flame retardant. Be certain that yours are, as it is difficult to be constantly aware that a child adheres to safety rules with regard to the candles placed in the jack o’ lanterns. Swap candles for glow sticks to be safe.

Toddler Halloween costumes and infant Halloween costumes should be fun and interesting, not a hazard which may take what is a night of magic and fun to something far less than that. With a bit of care and inspection of what your child is wearing, your Halloween will be safe and fun for you and your child.

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