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If you need a vehicle right now and know that you have bad credit, you may be worried about what you can do. Tulsa OK car dealers can help, especially if they deal with subprime customers, such as yourself. While it’s not necessary, you may find it best to go to a lender and get pre-approved for a loan, which shows the dealership that you’re serious and you’ve already got someone in your corner willing to loan you the money for the vehicle. However, there are a few pointers to consider so that you don’t overspend or take the first deal available.

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Your Scores

The first thing you must do is know what your scores are and what your report says. While you can get this information for free, you can find a variety of ways to get the information. Once you have it, you can see what the score itself is and compare it to the “perfect” score. You can also review your reports and make sure that there are no mistakes. Your score may not be as negative as you think, which means you may not need subprime lending.


Before going to a dealership or a lender, it’s a good idea to go to their website to find out what they need from you. For example, you will probably have to give them paycheck stubs for at least one month and ensure that you make enough. Many times, these lenders will also work with Tulsa OK bad credit car dealers, so once you’re pre-approved, you can search online for a vehicle before heading to the dealership.

Tulsa OK bad credit car dealers are there to help and can get you that vehicle you’ve always wanted. Visit The KEY to get pre-approved and start searching for cars.

Floating vs fixed interest rates How loans work



There are two interest payment options you can choose from when applying for a home loan -fixed rate and floating rate.

A fixed rate is where the rate of interest is fixed throughout the tenure of the loan. Generally, most banks keep the rates fixed for a maximum of 5 years.

A floating rate is where the rate of interest is benchmarked against a specific interest rate (usually the bank’s internal rate), and fluctuates according to the benchmark.

Usually, you can strike a floating rate loan at a lower rate than a fixed rate loan, the difference being around 1 to 2 per cent.

If the interest rate of a

floating rate loan

rises, banks first increase loan term or the duration of the loan.

Otherwise, they can even increase the amount of your EMI.

Which rate to choose?

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Keep the following factors in mind while deciding whether to opt for a fixed rate or floating rate: Outlook: When interest rates are high, it makes sense to go in for a floating rate loan, as a fall in rates will benefit you. And if interest rates are low, it is advisable to lock in a lower fixed rate for at least 3-5 years.

Stage of life: If you are a senior citizen, or somebody with a fixed source of income, you cannot afford an increase in EMI and should go for a fixed rate loan.

Fixed rate loans

are not fixed In the world of finance, nothing is certain, especially where the loan segment is concerned. There is a lot of fine print that has to be read carefully before any decision is made because it can come back to haunt the person at some later stage. Investors as well as borrowers in India have experienced this in the last few years and hence this area needs extra attention.

In common parlance, the term fixed rate loan can be distinguished from the floating rate loan on the basis of the manner in which a borrower will pay interest on the loan. In a floating rate loan, the rate paid is linked to some other rate, usually a benchmark rate, fixed by the lending institution. Changes in an economy have an impact on the benchmark rate and the borrower also experiences a change in the rate that he/she will pay. As opposed to this a fixed rate loan will have a fixed rate of interest to be paid on it.

Many people believe that the rate of interest once fixed remains fixed for the entire duration of the loan. This is what is supposed to happen but some clauses in the

loan agreement

render this false.

This means that the fixed rate will also change; the only difference will be the frequency at which it will change.

There are two factors that lead to a change as far as the fixed rate is concerned. In many agreements, the rate is fixed for only a specific duration of time. This time period can be of three years or five years and the rate of interest can change after this period is over. After this the lender can once again fix the rate for some additional time duration and this will be done based upon the situation prevailing at that point of time. So, if there has been a rise in the rates due to some reason, the fixed rates will be revised upwards and the individual can get trapped because the higher rates will then be applicable for the next fixed time period.

This can also happen through a clause that says that in case of an emergency situation in the economy or massive disruptions in the debt market, the rate of interest might change. What this situation will be is not clearly defined and is open to interpretation. Due to this reason borrowers will always be on the edge. In the event of such a situation, the loan will no longer have the characteristics that the borrowers believed were present initially.

A word of caution All banks lend floating rate loans at a discount to a benchmark rate called `Prime Lending Rate’ (PLR). This benchmark rate and the amount of discount are an internal matter for a bank, and this can affect a customer.

Let’s look at the movement of PLR and average discount of some private banks: The rates have increased from 8 to 12 per cent in around three years.

While the rates of interest for a new customer have fallen, those for the old customers are still increasing.

Chances are that the discounts can go on increasing, but the PLR will not fall.

So, if you want to avail of better rates, go in for prepayment and take a new loan. It might be worthwhile in spite of the 2 per cent prepayment fee.

Most private banks have increased the interest rates heavily, whereas public banks have been much more moderate.

How good is

fixed-cum floating interest rate


Borrowers always find it difficult to choose between a fixed rate loan and floating rate loan, and in recent years, they have to consider one more option -fixed floating rate loan.

In this loan type, the interest rate is fixed for an initial period, which later gets converted to a floating one.

What should a customer do? Consider the impact beyond year one while taking the loan. If interest rate for a new loan is deliberately kept low to attract customers, any change can lead to a spike in the EMI. This will mean a large discount in the first year on the prevailing interest rate. The rates might not conform to the rising trend of interest rates in the future.

Courtesy: HT Estates 20th Feb 2010

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Courtesy: HT Estates 20th Feb 2010

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You and Payday Cash Advances


Godfrey PhilanderAll things involving money will be learnt over time, this just means that if you do not take care of how you give out money, then one will find oneself in a continuous mangle. It is not to oppose you to spend money, it is just to show you the realness of how money is becoming a grave matter as numerous people are careless to take responsibility for their activities involving money. The not so pretty thing about debt is that once it commence, it constantly seems to escalate and you cannot break loose from the mysterious black hole; however, you find that irrespective how you endeavour, you constantly terminate needing to spend much money. A payday cash loan is the alternative that large numbers of people make use of; the reason for this is that people are finding out that it is not difficult to meet all the prerequisites to fill in an application for a cash advance, which is in fact a short term loan. Application is in addition made more comfortable for the reason that people can apply for these cash loans via the Web rather having to queue up in stores and wait.There are a great deal of websites that offer cash loans, so you have a huge selection from which to choose. You have to discover the cash loan site that better suits your demands. Most cash loan web-sites in addition have a policy on how much money you can have. With a payday cash loan you are able to give back the money you have borrowed with your following pay check, so that means that you make an agreement with the company borrowing money now, and then when your following payday arrives you will have to pay the money back. In addition, the interest that you pay to the company would be lower because they are so short term; withal, if you want an addition on the loan, then you can apply for it now. Most companies, withal, require you to provide a fee of $25 for the processing of the addition. Whatever the case, ascertain to valuate your full situation — do not make any rash determinations just because you are in need of money here and now. Instead, wait and see if there aint any other way. Do not reject support from friends and family members as it can mean the difference between being in a financial dependence situation on cash loans, or being able to pay back on more favorable terms.

Godfrey is a prolific author who teach regarding

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Payday Cash Advances

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instant payday loans completely online

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