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byAlma Abell

Competing for jobs in any market is serious business. You have to have your talking points spot-on, and you have to look your best too. Your resume is part of your marketing and so is your image. If you come in looking professional, and with words and experience to back it up, you have created a total package that may impress your interviewer. So, with this in mind, do not try to color your own hair. You do not want to deal with any mishaps prior to your interview. For this reason, you should invest in the best hair color in El Dorado Hills professional. By doing this, you will be assured of a flawless color that will help you to bring out your best image.

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When hair is not colored correctly, it can be quite distracting. In fact, it can look unnatural and cause a person to stare at your head mindlessly. For example, dark hair may turn out bright red or orange if not colored correctly. For this reason, you could walk into the interview looking like a fire ball is on your head. No one wants that. You want to look natural even if you are going for a red or strawberry blonde color. It is also important to realize that red is not a suitable color for everyone. However, a salon professional will make recommendations based on your eye and skin color. This information can help you determine how light or dark you truly want to go for your professional image.

Many people want only a few highlights. However, if they are not done correctly, it will look like someone added a few strings of the wrong color to any hair type. Thus, the color will not look like it came from the sun. In order to prevent all coloring related hair problems, use professional service and have it done right. To find out more information about Hair Color in El Dorado Hills and professional service, you can Visit the Site for Hoshall’s Salon & Spa. Once you are on the site, you will be able to review the business hours. Next, you can prepare for your interview knowing that your hair looks amazing.

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The Interactive Postcard: How To Make People Respond To Postcards


Lynne Saarte

The digital age has spread around the world. More and more people are turning away from printed media like marketing print postcards and going digital with online advertising. With its cheaper costs, and interactive content, this kind of advertising has probably a long life ahead of it. But this does not mean postcard printing is dead. In fact this is an opportunity to innovate your view on postcard printing.

Since interactivity is the buzz nowadays, you can apply it to a lot of marketing strategies. So why not try it on print postcards? Discover the concept of the interactive postcard. They are basically postcards that require people to respond to them in some way. This makes postcard printing interesting; making people pay more attention on the design. Also, since it encourages people to participate in the design or customize it in some way people will not find it boring. They may even want to send more of these kinds of postcards.

So as you can see, this new kind of postcard printing strategy is a good way to change your direction in terms of postcard making or marketing. If you are interested in this promising idea then read on. We have a few examples of typical interactive postcards below, that you may find inspiration from.

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The puzzle postcard

One of the first interactive postcards that appeared on the market was the puzzle postcards. These were print postcards that have some kind of puzzle or problem that you needed to solve. In most cases, it was just a neat and trivial puzzle or problem like a crossword, or those find the object or person games. Others had mental problems and puzzles like Sudoku, the Japanese number puzzle. It did not take long for people to innovate and try out a few special puzzles. One of the best examples was a simple crossword that when completed, spelled out the postcards special greeting in one line. This gave the receiver of the print postcard a special thrill in finally answering the solution.

With that kind of interactivity, the puzzle postcards were far from boring. Added with some creative advertising phrases and images, it became a nice platform for marketing with an interactive touch. It provided more exposure that a normal postcard and it had replay value as people showed the postcard to others.

Holographic or 3D postcards

Another kind of interactive postcard are the holographic or 3D postcards. These kinds of postcard prints can be a bit more expensive to produce, but they do have a very eye catching property. These cards are printed with holograms that capture a 3D object within the design. A variation of this form is the puzzle 3d postcard. This kind had those 3d puzzles where you had to look for the object or image in 3D within a seemingly abstract design. These designs of course causes people to look at the postcard design more closely as they move the postcard from left to right, trying to see the object in 3D. Along with some helpful marketing phrases and images, it is again a good platform for marketing using postcards.

So are you inspired to make interactive postcards? They are a promising medium to print for marketing. Explore the limits of your imagination and maybe you can think of another kind o interactive postcard that will promise you exposure in your target market.

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