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byAlma Abell

Moving is more involved than simply transporting belongings from the old place to the new one. In some cases, there is a gap between the time when the buyer can take possession of the new house and when he or she must be out of the old one. When this is the case, choosing the right temporary storage in New York NY is the best way to handle the situation. Having Enough RoomWhen choosing a unit for Storage in New York NY, make sure there is more than enough room for the belongings that must be stored for a short time. The goal is to have enough space to organize everything according to some pattern. For example, it would be great to have the room to gather all the living room furniture in one area of the unit, while the bedroom stuff is in a different area. When the new place is available, it will be a lot easier to open the storage unit, and complete the move room by room. Climate ControlDepending on the time of year, it pays to spend a little extra and rent a unit that is climate controlled. This will help to ensure that any personal belongings that are adversely affected by extreme heat or cold will be just fine. In addition, a climate-controlled environment is much more pleasant when the tenant comes to add to or take away from the items stored in the unit. LocationWhen possible, it pays to rent a storage unit that is easily accessible from the new place. If there is nothing available in the neighborhood, then something that can easily be reached by going a few exits down a highway will suffice. The goal is to ensure that when the time comes to complete the move, a minimum of time is needed to travel between the new place and the storage facility. There is no need to get frustrated if everything has to go into storage for a week or two. Choose a unit that provides the right mix of features, and then check into a nice motel for the interim. When the day comes, it will be all the easier to finish the move, set up the new home, and start enjoying the new surroundings.