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Just when you least expect it, you may find yourself in need of a Tow Truck in Lumberton or Beaumont, Texas. You can find a reputable towing company that can rescue you from every imaginable situation. You may have experienced a breakdown or a blowout, stranding you on the side of a busy highway. With cars continuing to pass you at high rates of speed or exhibiting dangerous driving behaviors, you might feel as though your life is in danger. Your peace of mind will be restored when a tow truck pulls up next to you and carefully delivers your car to safety.


Tow trucks offer several services. They can handle private vehicle towing from residential streets or busy freeways, always with professional and caring service. Tow truck services include both light and heavy duty towing. The same careful, competent service is provided to luxury vehicles or an eighteen wheeler. If you are locked out of your car or have lost the keys, a Tow Truck in Lumberton can unlock your vehicle. This is especially important if your car is running or if a child is locked in your vehicle.

They can even tow your car from dirt roads or off road areas. If you have the misfortune to end up in a canal or any other body of water, tow trucks have the capability to provide underwater recovery. Another service provided by tow trucks is moving portable buildings. If you have a shed or a small structure that needs to be moved from one side of your property to the other or across town, a Tow Truck in Lumberton can complete that move for you. Tow truck companies provide towing services for removal of vehicles trespassing on private property and for auto clubs.

With Spanky’s Wrecker Service, a well trained team of specialists will respond to your call within a few minutes. They have been in business for twenty years and are ready to provide towing services seven days a week, twenty four hours a day. They can also bill your insurance for you. If you find yourself involved in a wreck, stuck on the side of the road, with a flat tire or other breakdown, the answer to your dilemma is a tow truck.

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How Technology Is Helpful In Detecting Cable Faults And Pin-Pointing Fault Locations?


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High Concern And Attention Are Required For High Voltage Cables!

Cables are of different types that vary as per the aspects of carrying velocity of the current. Low voltage cables, medium voltage cables, and high voltage cables are the types of cables that are broadly distinguished. Damages in the low and medium ranging cables can be easier as these are limited to the areas of installation or service.

The main challenge is detecting the faults in the high voltage cables. The high voltage cables that are extended up to kilometres from the source point to the end-users or end-accessing point are extended in series.

In some spaces, these are extended hanging overhead while in some spaces these cables are buried under the ground. For locating the cable faults, it is inevitable to assign company offering

high voltage cable fault locator services in India



Technology Lessens the Effort and Expenses of Cable Fault Detection

As per the traditional concept, for the underground cables, the entire land was excavated and was searched for the faulty cable as well as the location of fault which was a process of high effort and high time consumption.

The end-users dont have the patience to wait for so long as each of the chores of day-to-day life is adjoined with electricity, from morning till night! With the advancements in technology, effective and powerful instruments have been invented that makes the work of detecting faulty cables and fault location in cable seamless and faster with low effort investment and low expenses as well.

Assign Company Rendering TDR Services

It is worthy to assign company

cable fault locator TDR services in India

. The company rendering fault detection services with TDR are highly efficient. Time-Domain Reflector is an instrument that utilizes the time-domain reflectometry that characterizes the cables and locates the fault in the metallic high voltage cables.

How TDR Effectively Pin-Points Fault?

The TDR instrument measures the reflections of the conductors for detecting the faulty cable within the series of cables.

Transmitting incidental signal through the conductor this instrument waits for receiving the reflection of the signals.

If the signal received back is uniform, then the cable is perfectly working without any faults if the cable block the signal or there is no signal received then the cable is considered to be faulty.

TDR works on the principle of radar!

Engineers Having Empowered Knowledge with Deploying TDR Must Be Assigned

This electronically improvised equipment TDR is highly useful in detecting the faulty cable as well as pin-pointing the fault in the underground cable as well as the overhead cables. As high voltage is dangerous and threatening the process must be handled with care.

Assigning the company rendering high voltage cable fault locator services in India it is indeed a worthy decision. The engineers appointed at the company are certified, registered and highly talented with good experience.

Having empowered knowledge regarding the utilization of the instrument in a precise way, the engineers flawlessly detect the faulty cable and pin-point the fault location as well.

R K Lala are the best cable fault locators working since 1988. They identify and fix the cable faults using all new efficient and advanced machineries

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