A plastic surgeon that does nose jobs usually specializes in this procedure. Basically, the doctor studies just the same as others who wishes to learn about cosmetic surgeries but in the end he or she will have to take up specific subjects focused on the nasal area of the human being. Taking up additional studies to focus on rhinoplasty is actually something that many do. The thing is that some take up other aspects of the human body such as the ears, the eyes, the body and others.Medical SchoolAfter taking up a collegiate course with a medical or scientific major, the student can then apply to a medical college. It is not easy doing this because some of the better colleges have slots that are readied for future students. When these are filled, they turn away those who are late in applying. In some colleges, they get those who have the better grades. Those who have ambitions to be a plastic surgeon will find that in medical school there are basic subjects that most students take up during their first, second and third years. The major subjects and specializations usually come in the last few years of medical school. Internship is also expected during the last years of medical school or after the students has graduated, depending on the school. After graduating from this course, the would-be plastic surgeon is expected to pass a board exam. This board exam is given by the state or the country in order to issue the proper license for the doctor.The PracticeInitially, fresh graduates, or those who are supposed to graduate soon, are expected to study under the tutelage of experienced cosmetic specialists. Some fresh graduates apply to hospitals or clinics under a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon. This is their way of continuing their education and experiencing the skill and technique of an expert. Many of the experienced doctors like to have students or novice doctors learning from them. From there, the medical school graduates can actually go on to practice the rhinoplasty procedure. Many hospitals and clinics like to know under whom the new doctor studied before he transferred. It is a big plus to have recommendations from the experienced and skilled doctors whom they learned from.QualificationsA good rhinoplasty doctor should have a good, long talk with the prospective patient before scheduling anything else. It is important that the individual be aware of the risks and the possible complications that come with any kind of surgery as well as a nose job in particular. The doctor should give some details regarding the steps needed to get to the nose job procedure. Initial testing for any factors that may hamper, impeded or cut short the coming surgery is a given. Blood testing is one of these tests along with some others. It is important that the medical history of the prospective patent be brought to the plastic surgeon. This will be a great help in determining ones candidacy for the rhinoplasty.