Sony Ericsson w880i Multimedia phone beyond compare


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Multimedia mobile phones are the latest craze among tech-savvy mobile phone users. People want handsets with impressive sound output; exceptional picture quality; and engaging video clips. The Sony Ericsson w880i fits the requirements perfectly. As a matter of fact, the w880i is one of the more popular multimedia phones currently available in the market.

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The Sony Ericsson w880i comes within a thin frame. As a matter of fact, it is one of the smallest mobile phones currently around. The display of the handset is excellent, to say the least; and add significantly to the pleasure of using the same. The main menu of the Sony Ericsson w880i comes with 3D icons that can be easily navigated to access the different functions.

One identity of the Sony Ericsson w880i is that of a walkman phone. There is an integrated music player in the handset that can be used to listen to music on the move. The built-in speaker enhances the listening experience substantially. One can use the walkman phone to play music up to 17 to 18 hours of music at a stretch. USB connectivity via a data cable means that it is quite easy to transfer music as well as photos to and from the handset.

There is another dimension to the Sony Ericsson w880i; it can double up as a digital camera instantly. As a matter of fact, a 2 mega-pixel digital camera with digital zoom forms a part of the w880i which can be used to capture great images each time and every time. There is also ample memory to store all your pictures and songs. The images and pictures can be shared with loved ones as MMS messages. One can also make these images a part of their own blogs with the click of a few buttons. There is an application called DJ Photo that can be used to add special effects to the pictures taken.

So, if you want a multimedia phone with looks to match, the Sony Ericsson w880i is a safe bet.

Sony Ericsson w880i

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Sony Ericsson w880i Multimedia phone beyond compare}