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byAlma Abell

There are a variety of oral health conditions that can cause you to lose your teeth. When extreme damage occurs in your tooth and it no longer has stability, your dentist will often make the decision to extract it. This leaves a gap in your smile and could impede your ability to chew your food. Instead of losing your tooth to decay or infection, the Dentist in Richmond can often perform a root canal and save your tooth from loss. This not only helps you to avoid needing an extraction, but also stops any pain you have been feeling.


What Can You Expect When the dentist in Richmond Performs a Root Canal?

When having a root canal, the dentist first needs to create an opening in your tooth. This is done on the top of the tooth, so it can later be filled. The opening needs to be wide enough so the dentist can remove all of the inner tissues of the tooth. It will also provide the gateway for the removal of the nerve. Removing the nerve is a big part of the process, because it effectively stops the pain. Your adult teeth no longer require the nerve to properly function, so removing it will not cause any issues with the health of your tooth.

After all of the tissue and nerve have been removed, the tooth will need further cleaning. This is done through the use of canal files. These special dental tools are able to scrape the insides of the roots of the tooth, making sure there are no traces of decay, infection or tissue left behind. The tooth must be completely clean before it is sealed off permanently by a filling. Most dentists will temporarily fill a tooth after a root canal, to make sure all traces of infection are gone before it is permanently sealed.

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