Everyone may feel some fear when they have been suspected to have AIDS rash due to HIV virus. Some cases will find that their skin become erupted after two or three weeks of exposed. If the symptom disappear only in few weeks, it potential to re appear in the future because the symptom commonly appear lately after getting infection.

Some people observe skin eruptions two to three weeks after they have been exposed. Some people might not develop the rash at all This rash makes it s appearance mostly in chest or back area and face or neck area. It appears as small dark bumps, which are slightly raised, from the skin. For people with paler skin the appearance is red and brownish. In some people, this rash disappears automatically after some time.

For some individuals, two to three weeks after a person has been exposed to AIDS they may see skin eruptions. Not all people will experience this and sometimes the rash appears much later. For some who develop it within a few weeks, it may subsequently disappear only to reappear in future. Remember that AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is a late stage of HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus but sometimes people incorrectly see these as identical.

People who have history of sexually transmitted diseases and those who are sexual partners of persons with HIV are most likely to have higher risk of acquiring signs of HIV. In addition, victims of sexual assault, people who have unprotected sex with several partners, drug users who share needles are also prone on having HIV.


The only goal for HIV treatment is to strengthen the immune system and prevent further damage to it by halting the progression of the infection to that of a symptomatic disease. Therapy for HIV includes drug combinations that markedly decrease the growth of the virus by bolstering the immune system.

In the early stage of infection, knowing the symptoms is very beneficial in order to get treatment as soon as possible. Most symptoms are very usual and you may ignore it, but if you experienced these symptoms after recent unprotected sex, you need to concern it seriously. The first symptom is headaches that would be frequent and severe for two to four weeks after infected.

However, the main problem is that over a third of the individuals who have fallen prey to this type of sexually transmitted disease will not be able to have any of the early symptoms and telltale signs at all. A clear fact even threatens us — that many HIV positive individuals live for years or long periods of time without even realising that the virus has already infected them. The early infection of course will be diagnosed with HIV test.

Yeast infection is very common and it generally affects the penis in men or the vagina in women. The primary level of treatment lies in containing the yeast infection so it doesn’t spread further. If the butt rash is a result of a yeast infection then it needs to be contained, for the rash to subside.

Many patients today, after all the confusing information and experience have just decided to do their own research. They want to make up their own minds about whether or not to risk treatment. The side effects of the cocktail may be worse than where you are now. It’s a hard decision that is totally in the hands of the individual.

Anyone who has had chicken pox can develop shingles. Shingles are not contagious if you have had chickenpox unless you come in direct contact with a blister before a scab forms. If you have not had chickenpox, and come in contact with the virus from shingles blisters you will develop chicken pox.

Treatment of Erysipelas is normally through antibiotics such as penicillin, erythromycin, dicloxacillin, and cephalosporins. Treatment is normally continued for around 10-14 days and signs of illness relent within a day or two. The skin may still take a few weeks to heal. Erysipelas recurs in about one third of cases, in which case long-term treatment with antibiotics may be necessary.

Although shingles is not a life-threatening condition, it can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort. I encourage my patients to become familiar with the symptoms and signs of shingles because early treatment can help shorten the infection and lessen the chance of complications.

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